Newcastle youth blocks coal trains for third time this week

Newcastle youth Ceder locked on to the side of a coal train in Newcastle, halting all supply heading into the world's largest coal port on September 7. Ceder was later cut loose and taken into police custody. This was the third protest action this week organised by Frontline Action on Coal against Australia’s coal industry and its contribution to global climate change.

IMF study shows workers need a pay rise

A study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on labour relations in 26 developed economies, including Australia, has confirmed that workers’ real wages have fallen because labour market deregulation has “gone too far”.

The IMF researchers noted the “statistically significant, economically large and robust negative effect of deregulation” on labour’s share of national income, with workers’ share of national income falling drastically from 1975 to 2015.

The Centre For Future Work has calculated that the decline in income share that has come about as a result of pro-business deregulation costs working people more than $16,000 a year each.

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) secretary Sally McManus responded to the report by saying: “When big business undermines workers’ rights and governments give even more power to big business, the system becomes unbalanced and workers’ pay goes down.

‘Galea is a serious threat’, says socialist councillor who was in the firing line

Sue Bolton, a socialist councillor in Melbourne, has accused Victorian authorities of deliberately minimising the threat of far-right figures.

The ABC revealed on September 3 that Phillip Galea, a former member of the far-right United Patriots Front and the True Blue Crew, is facing a committal hearing over threats to carry out terrorist attacks on the Resistance Centre in Melbourne’s CBD, the Melbourne Anarchist Collective and the Victorian Trades Hall.

In September 2015, Galea visited the Resistance Bookshop, where he confronted Bolton, then the Melbourne convenor of Socialist Alliance. She is currently a councillor in Moreland City Council.


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