Trump ratchets up anti-immigrant campaign

While much of the media continues to focus on the Mueller report and the squabbles between the White House and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, US President Donald Trump’s real crimes are scarcely addressed or are ignored altogether.

This column will take up one of these crimes, Trump’s intensification of his racist war on immigrants. He is not alone on this — the ultra-right throughout Europe and elsewhere have similar anti-immigrant policies.

In recent weeks Trump has appointed new officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

These appointments underline this intensification in the face of a new wave of people from Central America seeking asylum from extreme violence and poverty in their home countries.

These conditions are largely the result of US imperialist exploitation and US-fomented wars, especially in the past 50 years.

Support needed for prison reform activist Jock Palfreeman on hunger strike

Jock Palfreeman, an Australian serving a 20-year jail sentence in Bulgaria on trumped-up murder charges, has been on a hunger strike since April 21.

There has been little news about Palfreeman because the Bulgarian prison authorities have gone to great lengths to cut off any communication he had with the outside world.

While Palfreeman is no newcomer to protest, including in prison, the lack of information about his condition is worrying. His family have been able to get updates through his lawyer Kalin Angelov, who has received sporadic phone calls from Palfreeman. Angelov says the hunger strike is serious and a sign of desperation.

“Palfreeman’s hunger strike is a desperate outcry; a call for help in a moment of woe and adversity,” he wrote on May 7.

Poem: Eggs

My secret heart has always begged
To see Scott Morrison soundly egged
And now it’s happened, but alas,
It’s crude and naughty (second-class).
Like Shorten, I hawed and hemmed,
Yes, it’s something to be condemned.

I think I’d rather be more pleased
If the man were rudely seized,
And hauled off to Manus Isle
And treated in some greater style.
I’d imagine a sight more grand --
A hundred refugees hand in hand
Holding a dozen eggs or more,
And the PM, sorry and sore,
Led in, clothed in smelly chains,
Mocked and jeered as on him rains
A cloud of eggs and random filth,
Ordure, insults, and other spilth,
With prizes for the better throws:
Justice half done, I would suppose.

Fans stay away from Eurovision in Tel Aviv

An Israeli government-backed propaganda initiative is attempting to rig another online poll about whether there should be a boycott of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv later this month.

This desperate effort to manipulate public opinion comes as Israeli organisers are struggling to unload thousands of unsold tickets to the event.

The Irish publication put up a poll asking readers whether they support the boycott.

On April 30, the results of the poll were at 56% in support of the boycott and 38% in opposition.

Venezuelan economist: ‘Hyperinflation is a powerful imperialist weapon’

Much is made in the media of Venezuela’s deep economic crisis. But why does Venezuela have the world’s highest inflation rate and what impacts have the sanctions really had on the country? Green Left Weekly’s Federico Fuentes spoke to Venezuelan economist Pascualina Curcio, from the Simón Bolívar University, to find out more.


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