Inconvenient truths about the Greens

While there are serious flaws in Inside the Greens, author Paddy Manning is too good a journalist to suppress vital information. Some of it is explosive.

For instance, during the recent conflicts in the Australian Greens between The Greens NSW and Bob Brown devotees, some in the later camp pushed for the wholesale expulsion of the former.

That was not the only example of such blow-up-the-ship thinking.

According to Manning’s sources, in the wake of David Shoebridge’s victory in the member’s ballot for top position on the 2018 NSW ticket, Brown met with the Greens NSW MPs from the right of the party and pledged support if they split The Greens NSW. This pact was sealed with a weird handclasp, captured in a photo that Manning has seen.

Firefighters union leader: ‘There are no climate sceptics on the end of a fire hose’

United Firefighters Union ACT branch secretary and national president Greg McConville, together with representatives of the local Indigenous community, Farmers for Climate Action and The Greens, addressed the “Our federal government fiddles while Australia burns: Let’s put the heat under them” event outside federal parliament in Canberra on November 25. This is what he had to say.

Lebanon 2019: Impressions of a culture of revolution

Now in its second month, the uprising in Lebanon is revealing its nature and cultural character.

The word inscribed upon the wrist of the iconic 6-metre high fist in downtown Beirut — which was firebombed early Friday morning but was rebuilt the following day — is ثورة (thawra); meaning revolution, and this is what is going on here.

The first demand of the revolution is “all of them means all of them”. The popular chant demands that the entire divisive, self-serving and corrupt government must resign, as Prime Minister Hariri has, or be removed by the will of the people. The revolutionary drive here is widespread, complex and humbling to witness.

I had the opportunity to visit the occupation of downtown Beirut over a number of days this week and these are some of my impressions. As an artist organising around climate justice and social issues within Australia, I paid particular attention to the creative roles within Lebanon’s revolution.

Police seige of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Protesters set up roadblocks around the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on November 17, initially to prevent the same police attacks as happened at the Chinese University of Hong Kong a week before.

Police attempted to seize control of the main roads and subsequently laid siege to the university, accusing the protesters and students of causing the chaos.

During the clashes over many days, they fired more than 3000 rubber bullets, bean bags (small fabric pillows filled with lead pellets), sponge grenades and tear gas. More than 300 protesters, First Aid responders and journalists were injured and more than 1100 were arrested.


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