Trump pushes racist wall, but Democrats push racist cruelty too

When Donald Trump first announced he was running in the Republican primaries for the 2016 election, he signaled that his campaign would rely heavily on anti-Mexican racism, racism against all non-whites, anti-immigrant xenophobia and Islamophobia.

Part of this was his oft-repeated pledge to “build a wall” between the US and Mexico to keep out immigrants from Central America and Mexico. He slandered these migrants as rapists, murderers, thieves, drug dealers, sex traffickers and more.

That a person with such open racism was even able to be a candidate for the most powerful post in Washington is testimony to how feeble capitalist democracy has become in the US.

Can the Sudanese people bring down the dictator?

In late December Green Left Weekly spoke to Younis Hamad Birama and Khalid Hassan from the Democratic Consciousness Forum, a Perth-based democratic and secular organisation founded by Sudanese refugees, about the wave of protests sweeping Sudan following the dramatic increase in the price of bread. Despite a brutal crackdown by security forces, including the killing of at least 40 people, the protests have spread and intensified, growing into a movement to bring down the regime of Omar al-Bashir.

In a follow up interview Birama and Hassan explained to Green Left how the movement has spread and created new organisational forms, and discussed the challenges it faces in bringing down the dictator.


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