Losing Santhia: one Tamil refugee's story that reveals an ongoing freedom struggle

Losing Santhia: Life & Loss in the Struggle for Tamil Eelam
Ben Hillier
Interventions, 2019
150 pages

In 2009, the Sri Lankan military launched a genocidal offensive against the island's Tamil population on a stretch of sand in Mullivaikal, in the Island's north-east. Claiming its offensive was to rescue civilians, the Sri Lankan military carried out an indiscriminate bombing offensive against Tamil civilians that killed tens of thousands. With the assistance of imperialist powers, the Sri Lankan military was able to militarily defeat the liberation struggle of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), with most of its leadership and cadres wiped out.

Five new titles for an ecosocialist bookshelf

Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus takes a look at five new titles delving into crucial issues for ecosocialists.


On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal
By Naomi Klein
Simon & Schuster (in Canada: Knopf) 2019

Of course she needs no introduction — Naomi Klein is a leading advocate for social and environmental justice, whose books and essays have helped to mobilize millions. On Fire combines more than a decade of her long-form essays with new material on the political and economic crises we face today.

When the Fenians escaped from Fremantle Gaol: The Catalpa rescue tale well-told

The Catalpa Rescue
By Peter Fitzsimons
Hachette Australia, 2019
404 pages $34.99

It was on Easter Monday, in ‘Seventy-six
In Freemantle(sic) the jailers were all in a fix
From Fauntleroy, down to Amen-timbertoe
There was racing and chasing and bother, you know
For the Fenians had ‘sliddered’ right off in a row.

So stated John Breslin, one of the masterminds of the escape of six Irish Fenian prisoners from Fremantle Gaol in 1876, in his poem "The Cruise of the Catalpa". Peter Fitzsimons, author of books about various subjects in Australian history such as the Eureka Stockade and Ned Kelly, brings to life the gripping tale of The Catalpa, an important moment in the struggle for Ireland’s freedom for British rule.

Day 5: What the #WaterForRivers bus tour was really like

Well-documented corruption on a huge scale has dried out the Murray-Darling river system. Aboriginal communities along the river and its tributaries are calling it genocide. From September 28 to October 4, Aboriginal activist Bruce Shillingsworth helped those communities hold the Yaama Ngunna Baaka Corroboree Festival to educate the world about the crisis. Two buses left from Sydney to follow the festival. Green Left Weekly's Mat Ward, who took his nine-year-old son on the second bus, gives a blow-by-blow account of the trip.

Day 5: Menindee Lakes to Sydney


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