Cuba: The Revolution Continues. An Eye-Witness Report

Perth & Fremantle


6:30pm Thursday 26 February


"Better go see the place before everything changes." On December 17 it was announced that diplomatic talks would begin between the US and Cuban governments aimed at 'normalising relations'. Since then there has been renewed speculation regarding the future direction of the latter's 56 year long revolution; whether the end of the illegal US blockade against the island would lead to a re-establishment of a profit-driven, market-economy, or whether the changes will deepen the Cuban Revolution by freeing it from its current material and social limitations. Join us for this forum to explore the reality of Cuba today, featuring eye-witness reports from Christie Woodleigh and Chris Jenkins, recently returned members of the 32nd Southern Cross Brigade to Cuba, organised by the Australia Cuba Friendship Society. Thursday 26th February, 6:30pm Hilton Community Centre 1/34 Paget St HILTON WA Organised by Green Left Weekly