Anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists marched on the 2023 Indo-Pacific Naval Expo to protest the military-industrial complex and Richard Marles' enthusiastic support for it. Peter Boyle reports.

“Today there is shock in the Palestinian community that the Labor government is openly supporting Israel in the war against Gaza,” Palestinian activist Amal Nasser told a public meeting. Jim McIlroy reports.

Thousands of protestors called out Australia's complicity in Israel's genocide in Gaza, reports Peter Boyle.

Residents across the inner west showed their support for changes to the New South Wales Local Government Act, which would respect residents views on council demergers. Pip Hinman reports.

Midwife Amar Hamed made a powerful call to action for trade unionists to join the movement to stop the genocide against Palestinian people at rally of 50,000. Peter Boyle reports.

An estimated 50,000 people marched through Gadi/Sydney on October 29 in the biggest march yet against Israel's latest genocidal attack on Gaza. Peter Boyle reports.

Human rights activists say despite international sanctions against the coup regime in Myanmar/Burma, Australia has increased its imports of timber, gems, arms and ammunition from the regime. Peter Boyle reports.

An extraordinary meeting of Waverley Council decided to remove the Green Deputy Mayor and another Green Councillor — a a censure for supporting a ceasefire in the Gaza war. Pip Hinman reports.

The ACTU has decided to support the CFMEU ban and take steps to end the use of engineered stone by mid 2024 if government bans are not already in place. Jim McIlroy reports.

A motion of solidarity with the people of Gaza was adopted unanimously by councillors in one of the largest municipality in Australia, Canterbury-Bankstown City Council. Peter Boyle reports.

Green Left's Isaac Nellist spoke to Retail and Fast Food Workers’ Union secretary Josh Cullinan about the historic #Superstrike taken by workers at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets on October 7.

The Australia-United States military alliance and the complexities of building an anti-war movement were discussed at the Sydney Anti-AUKUS Coalition conference. Jim McIlroy reports.