International news and analysis links


Asia Pacific Region

Action in Solidarity with the Asia Pacific 

Revolution in South Asia

UNITYblog (NZ)

Socialist Party of Malaysia news and analysis

Vietnam from the left blog

Latin America

Venezuela Analysis

Correa del Orinocco International (English language Venezuelan paper)

Bolivia Rising

Ecuador Rising — Hatarinchej

Peru en movimiento (English language)

Upside Down World (news and analysis from Latin America)

BoRev (dispatches from the Bolivarian revolution)

Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean



Haiti Action

Haiti Analysis

Honduras Resists


Committees in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

Granma (English version of Cuban newspaper)

Postcards from the Revolution (Eva Golinger's blog)

United States

Monthly Review


Socialist Worker

Solidarity webzine 



Common Dreams

Kasama Project

Khukuri revolutionary theory

The Socialist Webzine (Socialist Party USA)

The Nation

Edge of Sports (Dave Zirin, radical sports writer)


Socialist Voice 

The Bullet (Socialist Project) 

Climate and capitalism

Rabble — news for the rest of us

Middle East

Electronic Intifada (news and analysis from Palestine)


Morning Star

Scottish Socialist Voice

Socialist Worker

Socialist Resistance


Another Green World (ecosocialist blog)

Socialist Unity

Frontline (Scottish independent Marxist review)

International Socialism 

New Left Review

Mark Steel (socialist and comedian)


An Phoblacht (paper of Sinn Fein)

Eirigi — for a socialist republic


International Viewpoint - journal of the Fourth International



Pambazuka —Pan-African voices for freedom and justice

New Worker — news on social struggles in southern Africa