Greens Senator Bob Brown moved the following motion to the Australian Senate on May 12: “That the Senate, in regard to the massacre of civilians, including hundreds of children, in the Tamil homelands of northern Sri Lanka, calls on the government to take decisive action commensurate with the need to immediately halt this unnecessary bloodshed.”

On April 29, PM Kevin Rudd announced an extra 450 troops would be sent to Afghanistan to participate in the latest US-led “surge”.

One of the great crimes of modern times is occurring on the island of Sri Lanka without a word of protest from governments the world over. The Tamil people are facing genocide.

As the only weekly newspaper in Australia to regularly house news, discussions and debates on capitalism’s crises and socialist solutions, Green Left Weekly is proud to be hosting the World At A Crossroads conference, to be held at Sydney Girls High, over the Easter weekend (April 10-12).

As an alternative newspaper, based in grassroots, progressive political movements, Green Left Weekly aims to be a thorn in the side of the corporate media here in Australia and globally.

Less than a year ago, it was widely held among mainstream economists that the world economy was doing fine, and that, in the face of any eventual problems, Australia would be secure.

Nothing like the inferno that swept across Victoria last weekend has ever occurred in Australia before.

As the traumatised people of Gaza mourn their dead and nurse their injured following Israel’s horrendous three-week massacre, another brutal genocide has unfolded in Sri Lanka.

The scientific evidence is conclusive. The delicate ecological balance of the planet is being destroyed.

The January 15 bombing with white phosphorous of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency that housed hundreds of refugees and humanitarian aid was not an isolated incident.


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