WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange delivered a pre-recorded video address to a public meeting at Melbourne’s Federation Square on February 4. Below is the transcript of Assange’s speech. ***** Thank you so much for coming to this rally. Your presence here and your support, in homes, workplaces, online and elsewhere is exactly what is needed to keep us strong.

Sam Wainwright speaking at the rally supporting the people in their fight to overthrow the regime in Egypt.

Video: activistsfilms.

Melbourne rally in solidarity with Egyptian people on February 4.

"Mubarak out now!", "Freedom for Egypt!", "Mubarak no! Gamal no! Suleiman no!", "No to the car tire and no to the spare!" - these were some of the slogans chanted by a lively crowd in the 6th rally in Sydney rally in a week to show solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution.