Momentum is building in solidarity with a couple from Cairns who have been charged under Queensland’s anti-abortion laws (see article on page 12). The couple is to face court in Cairns on October 12, and the Pro-Choice Action collective, Women’s Abortion Action Campaign, and Radical Women have issued a call for a National Day of Action to be held on Saturday October 9. The rallies will demand the dropping of the charges, repealing of the anti-abortion laws and free, safe, accessible abortion on demand.
Tasmania's first Black Parliament was held on September 21 outside Parliament House. Convened with supporters observing, it discussed issues affecting Aboriginal people but ignored by the state government, such as the construction of the Brighton Bypass over Aboriginal artefacts; peaceful Aboriginal protesters being subjected to strip-searches while environmental protesters are not, and whether the state government should be allowed to use the Aboriginal flag without permission. Speakers also raised the issue of having three seats for Aboriginals set aside in the Tasmanian parliament.


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