MANRICO MORO came to Australia from his native Italy 17 years ago. Before that, he used regularly to visit Yugoslavia. He "remembered Yugoslavia as a nice place for holidays, a bit poorer than Italy, but much cheaper, and much more orderly". When
'Commonwealth should save rail services' Independent Senator Janet Powell has called on the federal government to save rail services targeted for closure by the Victorian government of Jeff Kennett. Powell says the government should
By Kevin Healy Reader, I can tell you in all secrecy — but only if you promise not to tell anyone — this week almost saw one of the great historical accidents of modern times. There was Georgie Bashed, pacing up and down in the Oval
Toxic dump cover-up revealed By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Conservationists and the Queensland Greens have called for a full inquiry into the Gurulmundi toxic waste dump after a government expert revealed tight restrictions had been placed
By Garry Walters and Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — Sweeping cuts to Victoria's public transport system are being denounced as socially and environmentally irresponsible. Of 14 suburban rail lines, only four appear to have escaped severe
Austudy changes increase student debts By Jim Allen Students receiving the Austudy allowance lost a week's payment at the beginning of this year. Austudy last year was paid one week in advance and one week in arrears. In a cost cutting
By Catherine Brown DUBLIN — Just before Ireland voted on the three-part abortion referendum on November 25, Anne Speed, a trade union organiser and Sinn Fein candidate in the previous election, talked to Green Left Weekly about the last 10
By Steve Painter Ageing, single-hulled oil tankers such as the Braer, banned from US ports since 1989, are still plying some of Australia's most environmentally sensitive waters. Under regulations adopted after the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster,


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