By Elle Morrell AUCKLAND — When the New Zealand Labour government was turned out of office in 1990, the party was at an all-time low in popularity. Then, within months of being elected in a landslide, the incoming National Party government
Indian Pacific looks at Indonesia — The third program of IP's series on Indonesia examines the role of the military, whose representatives are granted 100 seats in parliament. There is currently a debate over dwifungsi — the "dual role" of the
By Win Childs "Reworking Australia" is a new campaign focusing on the unemployment crisis with its threat of the disintegration of community cohesion and the poverty and despair of more than a million Australians and their families. The
By Mark O'Connor The comment by Peter Boyle in the November 11 Green Left contained some serious misinformation about Paul Ehrlich's important I=PAT equation. This equation indicates that for a given country or region — with the
By Peter Boyle Confined for six years in a tiny cell, Mordechai Vanunu, who exposed Israel's secret nuclear weapons program, is being subjected to systematic ill-treatment which threatens his mental stability, says Gideon Spiro, an Israeli
Not as rare as he should be Women's groups and many other Australians have been less than happy with Justice Derek Bollen's comments during a rape-in-marriage trial in the South Australian Supreme Court this week. I can understand why.
By Vivienne Porzsolt and Tom Jordan About 30 boats of the Sydney Peace Squadron took to Sydney Harbour at 7 a.m. on January 9, to protest against the arrival of the giant US aircraft carrier Ranger, with its four companion ships. Three
Protest at deportation of Palestinians Story and photo by Miriam Tramer Jewish, Arab and other Australians joined forces in a protest picket against the Israeli deportation of 415 Palestinians into Israeli-occupied southern Lebanon.
Brewery struggle continues Perth — The struggle to halt redevelopment of the old Swan Brewery site has entered another year and shows no sign of abating, despite the actions of WA government-backed developer Multiplex. The company used
Snouts in the trough By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Under Jeff Kennett's new order, austerity is the watchword in the public sector. To underline the point that all are to be hit equally, the premier says that he will do nothing to help
Guatemala: human rights violations MEXICO CITY — A total of 1516 human rights violations — an average of four every day — were committed in Guatemala in 1992, according to the latest annual report by the independent Human Rights
Colours Colours is an exhilarating presentation of two distinct pieces by the Aboriginal Islander Dance Company. The first is traditional dance with guest artists from the Tiwi people of Bathurst Island and Murray Island in the Torres
Moulding the minds of Israeli children By Miriam Tramer Izkor (Slaves of Memory), shown at the Israeli film festival at the end of last year, is a film about the way the Israeli education system moulds the minds of young people to
'Mad Dog' Kennett, Labor and elections After a decade in office the Western Australian Labor government, with absolutely nothing to recommend it, goes to the polls on February 6. It won't campaign on the basis of a dynamic record of
Comment by Norm Dixon and Lisa Macdonald Under the guise of a "humanitarian mission" to ensure that food reaches starving people, a US-led force of almost 35,000 heavily armed combat troops have firmly entrenched themselves in Somalia.
Comment by Allen Myers Part of the population-environment debate in recent issues of Green Left has focused on Paul Erlich's formula I=PAT. This attempts to relate environmental impact to population, average levels of affluence or consumption


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