Polish bill curtails right to abortion WARSAW — The Polish parliament on January 7 approved a modified anti-abortion bill that permits the termination of pregnancies in certain circumstances, but ends the abortion-on-demand policy of the
A classy whodunit Under suspicion (M) Writer-director Simon Moore Starring Laura San Giacomo, Liam Neeson Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti In England during the late 1950s, where vicious criminals were still likely to be sentenced to
By Norm Dixon One of modern music's greatest innovators and best-loved characters, John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie, 75, died quietly in his sleep on January 6. Playing his trademark tilted-bell trumpet, he became one of the most influential jazz
Socialist campaign launched By Frank Noakes SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Electoral League 1993 federal election campaign was launched here on January 3 with a panel of candidates outlining some of the basic issues central to
The real price of oil Poisoning the earth By Catherine Brown Thirty-five kilometres separate Fair Isle from Sumburgh Head, Shetland, a channel used by approximately 1000 tankers a year. A plan, approved by the United Nations
Born amid confusion and uncertainty in December 1991, the independent Ukraine has faced a difficult first year of life, and it seems there is more of the same to come, writes POUL FUNDER LARSEN. The Ukraine's December 1991 referendum on
By Sean Malloy More than 110 warplanes, from the United States, France and Britain, were involved in the January 14 attack which bombed at least five places in southern Iraq in half an hour. The majority of Australian daily newspapers
By Helen Jarvis PHNOM PENH —Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has made a dramatic appeal to the United Nations to take action "to safeguard the Cambodian people from the second Khmer Rouge genocide and to rescue the Paris agreements".
Indian Pacific looks at Indonesia — The third program of IP's series on Indonesia examines the role of the military, whose representatives are granted 100 seats in parliament. There is currently a debate over dwifungsi — the "dual role" of the
By Win Childs "Reworking Australia" is a new campaign focusing on the unemployment crisis with its threat of the disintegration of community cohesion and the poverty and despair of more than a million Australians and their families. The
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — After the stirring events of mid-December, when the Congress of People's Deputies managed to sack acting Premier Yegor Gaidar despite Boris Yeltsin's desire to keep him in office, few Russians were expecting
By Elle Morrell AUCKLAND — When the New Zealand Labour government was turned out of office in 1990, the party was at an all-time low in popularity. Then, within months of being elected in a landslide, the incoming National Party government
By Peter Boyle Confined for six years in a tiny cell, Mordechai Vanunu, who exposed Israel's secret nuclear weapons program, is being subjected to systematic ill-treatment which threatens his mental stability, says Gideon Spiro, an Israeli
Not as rare as he should be Women's groups and many other Australians have been less than happy with Justice Derek Bollen's comments during a rape-in-marriage trial in the South Australian Supreme Court this week. I can understand why.
By Mark O'Connor The comment by Peter Boyle in the November 11 Green Left contained some serious misinformation about Paul Ehrlich's important I=PAT equation. This equation indicates that for a given country or region — with the
Protest at deportation of Palestinians Story and photo by Miriam Tramer Jewish, Arab and other Australians joined forces in a protest picket against the Israeli deportation of 415 Palestinians into Israeli-occupied southern Lebanon.


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