A report issued by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) said up to 2000 households who took advantage of the government’s solar rebate scheme may be at risk of electrical fires due to poorly installed rooftop panels.
Trotsky: A Biography By Robert Service, Pan Macmillan, 2009 624 pages, $59.95 hb
Marc Hall — a US soldier at Fort Stewart and hip hop artist — is to be whisked off to Iraq for a military court martial, out of reach of the public eye and his own civilian defence lawyers.
Fiona Foley: Forbidden University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane. Showing February 19-May 2
The following call for a national strike and day of action in defence of public education was released by the California Coordinating Committee. It is reprinted from
On February 13, 15,000 occupying troops from the US, Canada, Britain, Denmark, Estonia and the Afghan puppet state launched the Operation Moshtarak military offensive on Helmand province.
Five thousand people took to the streets of Vancouver on February 12 to protest the opening of the corporate spectacle known as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
On February 12, residents of the Palestinian village of Bilin attracted global attention by protesting dressed as blue, pointy-eared and tailed Na’vi from the blockbuster movie Avatar. Like the fictional Na’vi, the Bilin villagers are resisting occupation by a brutal military machine in the pay of corporate interests.
Israel: Most back anti-Arab ethnic cleansing "A survey conducted by the Israeli Knesset channel shows that 75 percent of Israeli Jews are in favour of deporting Israeli-Arab citizens to a future Palestinian state as part of any deal between the
The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an organisation whose time has passed. It needs to be dismantled.
Queer rights activists across Australia are gearing up for an important year of action on equal marriage rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.