Five Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka, held at Christmas Island, face indefinite imprisonment without trial after Australia’s secret police agency, ASIO, deemed them “security risks”.
When the Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil sank on January 8 following a collision with a ship in the Japanese whaling fleet, snap protests were called outside Japanese embassy offices in Australia. For some, this has become a political football to kick their own goals, but the cause of marine conservation deserves better.
Statistics: • The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports a 17 year gap in life expectancy between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Australia. • Twice as many Aboriginal babies are of low birth weight as non-Aboriginal babies. • In
Around 200 people attended Camp for Climate Action (Western Australia) near the coalmining town of Collie, 200 kilometres south of Perth from December 17-21.
“Two hundred years [ago], we had all the country out there, we had freedom to move, freedom of access to all our sites”, Aboriginal leader Richard Downs told Green Left Weekly on January 4.
The Western Australian Liberal government is moving to slash public services using a combination of “efficiency dividends” and performance reviews. The plans closely follow the policy wish list presented by the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIWA) before the 2009 state election.
Deputy PM Julia Gillard’s different reactions to two media controversies say a lot about the denial of racism in Australia. After performers on the television show Hey Hey It’s Saturday did a blackface skit Gillard was insistent that “obviously I think whatever happened was meant to be humorous and would be taken in that spirit by most Australians”.
Sydney-based shock-jock Alan Jones and Harbour Radio have been ordered to apologise and pay $10,000 compensation for comments made in the days before the Cronulla riots in 2005.
The Indian Mail Today cartoon that has so outraged Australian politicians was a response to Australian authorities’ claims that the spate of murders and assaults against Indian nationals in Australia was “not racially motivated”.
The January 15 Australian reported that outback prospector Sam Tomarchio had “struck a new kind of gold in Western Australia by taking control of Aboriginal Centrelink payments”.
With the help of an all too submissive local media, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has crafted an image for himself as a world leader on climate change. This image took a beating at December’s Copenhagen climate change summit.
More than 1400 activists from 43 countries travelled to Egypt to mark the first anniversary of Israel's December 2008-January 2009 assault on the Palestinian Gaza Strip.
The campaign to prevent longwall coal mining under the fertile Liverpool Plains region in NSW has suffered a setback, with a legal challenge to the mine being dismissed.
The agreements that helped end decades of armed conflict in the six counties in Ireland’s north still claimed by Britain are hanging in the balance over a lack of progress in their implementation.
World-renowned political organiser and one of Africa’s most celebrated poets, Dennis Vincent Brutus, died in his sleep early on December 26 in Cape Town, aged 85.
During the so-called Troubles in the six counties in Ireland’s north still claimed by Britain, the assassination of republican activists opposing British occupation was a regular occurrence at the hands of security forces or pro-British “loyalist” terrorist groups (often with ties to the security forces). The article published below, abridged from An Phoblacht, reveals the dangers have not disappeared.


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