While the NSW government is wavering over a Shooters Party’s proposal to allow hunting in national parks, less well known, but just as worrying, are plans for private commercial developments.
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi was found guilty on January 31, 2001, of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing in Scotland that killed 270 civilians.
On August 19, about 170 people skipped dinner and found someone to care for the kids so they could attend the High School for Coburg (HSC) forum at Coburg Town Hall.
The following article is abridged from an August 13 statement by the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM). The full article can be found at www.links.org.au.
Dare the ALP gaol Adelaide building worker, Ark Tribe? Tribe’s refusal to attend a secret hearing of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC — aka the “Construction Stasi” because of its secret police-type powers) renders him liable to six months in prison or a fine of $22,000.
Rethink AfghanistanDirected by Robert GreenwaldDVD for sale in October, visit www.rethinkafghanistan.com
The president of Venezuela’s National Statistics Institute (INE), Elias Eljuri, said on August 7 that since Hugo Chavez took office in 1999, “Poverty has been dropping ... from 49% in 1998 to 26.4% in 2009”.
Tales from a Suitcase — Anne Duffy-Lindsay grew up in a radical IRA family in southern Ireland. Upon arriving in Australia in the early 1950s, she took up the communist cause. SBS1, Tuesday August 25th, 2.30pm. Costa's Garden Odyssey — Takes a
On August 12, Australia’s formerly government-owned telecommunications company, Telstra, announced a $4 billion profit for the 2008-09 financial year.
August 21 was a nice day to be out on Sydney harbour with my best friend. But we were at Circular Quay not to go on a romantic ferry ride but to protest against the planned privatisation of Sydney ferries by the NSW Labor government.
Jim Davidson was sacked as the head of the Northern Territory’s Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program (SIHIP) on August 18.
Recent events in Honduras — where a Washington-backed military coup deposed President Manuel Zelaya on June 28 — conform to the historic pattern of United States involvement in Latin American affairs.
Having just returned from Cuba, I find some US-propagated lies about the country particularly galling. I want to lay some to rest.
Afghanistan held presidential elections on August 20 amid a major offensive by US and NATO troops and counter-attacks by a resurgent Taliban. The results are not expected until September.
The article below was published the day before Afghanstan’s presidential election by Malalai Joya, who was the youngest member of the Afghan Parliament elected in the 2005 elections. Joya was subsequently suspended from parliament for labelling it full of warlords. Joya’s memoir, A Woman Among Warlords (Scribner), will be released in October. This article is abridged from ZNet.
The “transparent government” that President Barack Obama guaranteed during his electoral campaign has become yet another broken promise. The August 14 Huffington Post revealed a memo containing details of “the deal” Obama cut with health care mega-corporations in secret White House meetings.


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