Chanting “stop Bligh, stop thief — she'd even sell her grandma’s teeth!” and “community action is what we need, no sell-off to corporate greed”, 100 people marched to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's West End office on August 15.
Unions NSW unveiled its “Better Services for a Better State” campaign at a seminar for public sector union delegates and Your Rights at Work activists in Parramatta on August 20.
The Sydney Stop the War Coalition (StWC) used the day of the sham presidential elections in Afghanistan to again call on the Rudd government to get the Australian troops out of the country. The war on Afghanistan was not a “good war”, the peace group said on August 20.
Fundamentalist Christian and NSW police commissioner Andrew Scipione has made possible the introduction of a specially created “Police Bible” for the state's serving police officers.
GOLD COAST — Hotels and tourist operators on the Gold Coast have been using the recession as an excuse to apply the thumbscrews to hospitality workers. The industry is cutting wages and hours, forcing redundancies and pressuring those who manage to keep their jobs to work even harder to cover for their lost workmates. Now it appears Gold Coast City Council intends to do the same.
From August 10 to 14, the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Environment Week brought together campaigners and environmentalists for a variety of events. The climate emergency was a central focus.
Community Public Sector Union (CPSU) members of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) launched a “Love Our Leave Campaign” to build support for a strong enterprise agreement.
MELBOURNE — On August 21, 500 students and supporters braved rain outside the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), a school of the University of Melbourne, to protest against funding cuts.
Sydney Resistance member Aaron Roden presented the following talk at the NSW Socialist Alliance conference on August 8.
A typically dusty drive 25 kilometres south of central Australia’s Alice Springs brings you to an unlocked gate beside the old Ghan railway line.
The article below is from the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN). It is reprinted from Boliviarising.blogspot.com.
Family First Senator Steve Fielding returned from a US international climate deniers' conference in June, armed with a shonky graph and some dodgy questions.
A few weeks ago, I publicly exposed a potential collapse of the health system in Honduras. Today, public hospitals have only four basic medicines.
Afghanistan under occupation Horrifying UN statistics demonstrate that the elections to be held in Afghanistan under occupier guns will not be democratic. According to UN Population Division statistics, the "annual death rate" is 7% for infants
Happy days are here again for super-bank Goldman Sachs.
“The Cuban Five must be released”, Cuban National Assembly president Ricardo Alarcon said in a televised August 11 speech, an El Habanero article said the following day. Speaking directly to US President Barack Obama, Alarcon said: “You could and should free them immediately.”


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