“I would have been concerned if it was a dog or some other animal who died in those conditions, but since it was only a black-fella …”
Marvel Divas
Written by Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa
Marvel Comics, 2009
Here’s something you won’t hear from the corporate media: Cuba’s human rights record was examined by the United Nation’s Human Rights Council (UNHRC), and the country came out looking pretty good.
The Rudd government will send a 40-member delegation, led by deputy prime minister Julia Gillard, to an “Australia Israel Leadership Forum” in Jerusalem on June 25-26. The government’s decision is yet further confirmation of its desire to outdo the former Howard government in blind support for Israel.
On June 15, the US Supreme Court ruled against reviewing the case of the Cuban Five. The five men have been in US jails since 1998 for their role in spying on behalf of the Cuban government on right-wing anti-Cuban terrorist groups operating in Miami.
The following article is based on a talk given to the Wollongong Climate Emergency Rally on June 13 by Vanessa Organo. Organo is the environment representative at Wollongong University Students’ Association and a member of Resistance.
In the wake of the inquest into the shocking death in custody of Aboriginal elder Mr Ward, more than 1000 people rallied in Perth in rainy weather on June 20. Ward was roasted in a prison van on a four-hour journey on a 42ºC day.
“Under the influence of your company, the Papua New Guinea government has imposed a virtual state of emergency in Porgera”, Jethro Tulin, from the Atali Tange Association (ATA) of the Porgera Valley in Papua New Guinea, said at the annual general meeting of Barrick Gold in Toronto on April 29.
I interviewed Patria Jimenez in Coyoacan’s normally bustling markets. The onset of the swine flu crisis had emptied the streets.
Mericio Juvinal dos Reis, or Akara as he is commonly known, is the executive director of Luta Hamutuk, a non-government organisation based in Dili, East Timor. Akara was an international guest at the World at a Cross Roads conference, hosted by Green Left Weekly, held in Sydney in April.
The Salvadoran community media has always been different — alternative in the most hard-core sense of the word.
Venezuelanalysis.com is one of the main sources of news and analysis in English on the revolutionary process in Venezuela. The following an abridged appeal for badly needed funds has been issued by its staff, Gregory Wilpert, Tamara Pearson and James Suggett. In order to help it to continue to play its invaluable role, please donate.


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