Local residents held a rally on May 23 to stop trucks entering the Tullamarine toxic dump site in Melbourne’s west. Two days later they picketed to again stop trucks from entering the landfill site.
The most popular leader among the Arab population in the Middle East, the May 20 Christian Science Monitor said, isn’t even from the region: it is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
With climate emergency rallies on June 13 demanding 100% renewables by 2020, it’s important to dispel some myths about alternative energy sources such as wind power.
We all know about the government and big business’s so-called “solutions” to the climate change crisis: “clean” coal, carbon trading schemes, etc. But what are some real world solutions to the climate crisis and what real action is being taken?
Below are details of just some of the 250 climate action groups nationwide organising to demand urgent action on climate change. For information on how to get involved contact your local group or visit your closest Resistance Centre (details on page 2).
Addressing the 400-strong May 21 workshop with workers from the industrial heartland of Guayana, dedicated to the “socialist transformation of basic industry”, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez noted with satisfaction the outcomes of discussions: “I can see, sense and feel the roar of the working class.”
The following article is based on a speech given to a May 23 rally in Melbourne.
The Australian government and coal industry’s push for so-called “clean coal” technology is justified on the grounds that if we can keep burning and selling coal, but in a “sustainable” way, many Australian jobs will be saved. This is pure propaganda.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the nationalisation of six companies on May 21. “There will be no discussion”, he said.
On its opening day, Israeli soldiers walked past piles of books for sale and commemorative PalFest’09 tote bags into the Palestine National Theatre in Jerusalem to tell the owner that the Palestine Festival of Literature was an event organised by the Palestinian Authority and therefore illegal.
Pakistan’s workers and peasants continue to be caught between the brutal military conflict waged between the Pakistani military, backed by the US, and the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban.


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