About 300 women protested against a new anti-women marriage law on April 15. The law denies women basic rights and legalises rape. The women were surrounded by 1000-strong mob who pelted them with stones, Associated Press said that day.
At an April 7 combined delegates and shop stewards meeting, 500 members from the Building Industry Group (BIG) unions decided in a unanimous vote to hold a mass protest on April 28.
Nestled in the heart of Barrio 23 de Enero, a large impoverished neighbourhood in Caracas, among the man-made ranchos with red brick walls and metal roofing, stands the Ramon Ismael Ramos Infocenter.
On March 31, Western Australian treasurer Troy Buswell announced a cap on wage rises for public sector workers.
The following open letter was sent to Greens Senator Bob Brown on April 16, the day before Brown met with Tamil hunger strikers.
“The great Latin American revolution began on April 13, 2002”, President Hugo Chavez said during a speech to tens of thousands of supporters in front of the Miraflores Presidential Palace exactly three years later.
On April 16, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd launched the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. The day before, CSIRO scientists told a Senate inquiry that the world needs immediate and significant cuts to greenhouse gas emissions to have any hope of preserving a climate that can support humanity.
In an era of climate change, global warming, high carbon emissions and with renewable energy coming to the fore, it is astounding that a proposal for another “open cut” coal mine is set to reach the NSW planning department.

On March 30, France’s eight union confederations issued a joint statement announcing they would organise a general strike on May Day.

PM Kevin Rudd likes to tell us he is against “extreme capitalism”. Like US President Barack Obama, Rudd tries to give capitalism a more human face, pretending it’s now something different to the neoliberal nightmare of the past three and a half decades.
On March 26, the NSW Legislative Council passed the motion by Greens NSW MP John Kaye that called on the government to drop its demands that TAFE teacher conditions be slashed to pay for salary increases.
On April 16, an explosion on board a small fishing boat, packed with 47 Afghan asylum seekers and two crew, killed five people and injured many more.
In recent years, Australia has seen some of the biggest protests in its history, namely those against the Iraq war and Work Choices. Over the past decade increasing numbers have taken to the streets, in support of various movements such as anti-war, workers’ rights, anti-neoliberalism, climate change action and many more.
The streets of Rome were filled with 2.7 million red-flag waving protesters on April 4, many sinigng the famous anti-fascist song "Bella Ciao". The mass demonstration was organised by Italy's General Confederation of Labour (CGIL). The protest rejected the handling of the economic crisis by the conservative Silvio Berlusconi government and condemned employer attempts to take away union collective bargaining rights.
On April 1, Bolivia beat the Argentine soccer team, coached by legendary Diego Maradona, by 6-1.
Government officials said that security forces foiled an assassination plot against Bolivian President Evo Morales on April 16, Reuters reported that day.


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