With Victoria’s bushfire holocaust now confirmed as Australia’s worst-ever natural disaster, people are reasonably asking: are these events linked to climate change?
Meltdown! A Socialist view of the Capitalist Crisis
By Tony Iltis, Lee Sustar, John Bellamy Foster, Phil Hearse, Adam Hanieh & Dave Holmes
Resistance Books, 2009
54 pages, $6.00
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The international and domestic campaign against the Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez has dramatically escalated in the lead up to the February 15 referendum to remove the restriction on elected official standing for office if they have already served two terms.
When the authorities put the figures together, the death rates in Melbourne and Adelaide due to the recent heat wave will show a spike in response to the record temperatures over Eastern Australia.
Jerusalem Cuts — On May 14, 1948, eight hours before the British mandate over Palestine was to expire, Israel's future prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared independence for the state of Israel. SBS, Friday, February 20, 2.30pm. Blaktrax
Sydney residents of the lower north shore and inner city are increasingly “electing” to drive to work “despite living a relatively short bus ride from the heart of the city”, a report in the February 10 Sydney Morning Herald concluded.
The historic struggle for national liberation, economic sovereignty, and the “refoundation” of Bolivia on the basis of justice for the impoverished indigenous majority achieved an important milestone on January 25, with the approval of the new Political Constitution of the State (CPE) by 61.43%.
“We are the bat people, the people who lived under bridges in Manila”, explained urban poor organiser Ka Lisa as she took a small group of international observers around a section of an urban poor relocation settlement in Bulacan, about 60 kilometres north of Manila.
Sri Lankan Air Force bombers destroyed the Ponnampalam Memorial Hospital in the town of Puthukkudiyiruppu in northern Sri Lanka on February 6. According to Tamilnet.com, 61 patients were killed in the attack.
Luis Bilbao is an Argentine socialist currently based in Venezuela. He is the editor of the Latin America-wide magazine America XXI and is a central participant in the construction of the mass-based United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the party initiated by President Hugo Chavez to help unite Venezuela’s revolutionary forces to push for the construction of a “socialism of the 21st century”.
As Ecuadorians prepare for their first general elections under the progressive new constitution adopted in a referendum last year, tensions with the United States continue to rise with the government expelling a key US diplomat.
On February 4, Auckland’s Tamil community held a demonstration against the Sri Lankan Army’s (SLA) massive onslaught the Tamil people in the north of Sri Lanka. The day is Sri Lanka’s independence day.