Supporters and opponents of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution have come out with differing assessments post the November 23 regional elections, which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had defined as the most important electoral contest yet for the process of change.
After such a long period of time in a vacuum, uncertain of how to respond to change caused by neoliberal economic policies, little by little, democracy movement activists have been able to wrest back the political podium.
Australian fans of quality, progressive music are in for a real treat this summer with the joint tour by left-wing songwriters Alistair Hulett from Scotland and David Rovics from the US.
Off the coast of the Kimberley region in north-western Australia is the Browse Basin, home to migratory hump-back whales and pristine coral reefs, within close proximity to traditional Aboriginal land and — below the seabed — one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the country.
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President-elect Barack Obama ran his campaign on the promise of bringing “change” to Washington.
IN 1969, that Ulster gutter preacher Ian Paisley himself with his Yankee doctorate from Bob Jones U, unsmiling, with his dirty money salted away, with his imperial law and his gunmen in the shadows called
The November 27 terrorist assault on Mumbai’s five-star hotels was well planned, but did not require a great deal of logistic intelligence: all the targets were soft.
Going to Extremes: Notes from a Divided Nation
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Granta, 2008
224 pages, $26.95
Thirsty Country: Options for Australia
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