People all over the world have finally taken US President George Bush’s call for a “war on terror” seriously, taking to the streets to demand the biggest terrorist organisation in the Middle East, the Israeli Defence Force, immediately cease its terror campaign against the people of Gaza.
“It’s absolutely impossible, unbelievable, it’s a massacre.”
The below article is a December 29 press release from the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees (PFUUPE).
The below article a statement released by the Socialist Alliance. To get this statement in Arabic, download placards for rallies, to see a range of pictures and videos of solidarity acti0ons, and for details of upcoming anti-war rallies and meetings, please visit http://www.socialist-alliance.org. For further comment: Tim Dobson 0413 928 894
Appeal from the Higher Follow Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel.
For more statements by Israeli, Palestinian and international organisations, visit Links.
Gaza is under attack by one of the most deadly military machines on the planet — with even worse to come as Israel masses troops for a threatened ground invasion.
On 15th December Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced a criminally paltry 5% carbon emission target to the National Press Club. Three female protestors in the audience yelled “shame” and were wrestled away by security.
The United Nations climate conference in Poznan, Poland failed to achieve any breakthrough towards a global climate deal – a sign not merely of bad timing, but of a fundamentally flawed system that takes no account of climate justice.
The incumbent ALP faction has scraped back in to retain control of the 43,000 strong NSW Public Service Association (PSA) after elections held on December 5.