On October 26, part of the roof of a multi-story Canberra building collapsed. The building is under construction in the city centre.
Aboriginal rock art found on Western Australia’s Burrup Peninsula is in danger of destruction. Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA) released photographs showing the full extent of damage for the first time on October 25.
On October 30, 100 people attended a public forum and film screening of My Daughter the Terrorist, at the University of Melbourne.
A crowd of 1000 people marched through the Perth CBD to Parliament House on October 30 to tell the Western Australian government to keep the state GMO (genetically modified organism)-free.
Fudging workers' rights Graham Matthews takes former justice Murray Wilcox to task for "fudging" the issue in his October 3 discussion paper on the ABCC (GLW #771). This is perhaps a little harsh — his job is precisely to fudge, rather than
Financial journalists are earning their bread and butter speculating on the depth of the recession that awaits the world economy.
Teachers in New South Wales public schools are committed to an ongoing campaign of legal, political and industrial action to secure salary justice and maintain rights and conditions that have been achieved through past struggles.
On November 1, rallies took place in eastern states in response to the conviction of Lex Wotton, who has been charged with “riot with destruction” (see article on page 3).
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Treasury modelling on the impacts of the federal Labor government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) was released on October 30.
Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes in recent months as the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) attempts to capture areas of northern Sri Lanka held by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a group that has fought for 30 years for self-determination for the Tamil people.
People reading the October 22 Age were alarmed to discover that the Victorian Labor government had proposed legislation banning local councillors from voting on issues if they had made a submission relating to that issue, such as local development or planning changes.
Around the country on October 31, the annual Reclaim the Night (RTN) protests took place, demanding an end to violence against women. In Lismore, 200 women and children marched through the streets before rallying, along with male supporters, to hear activists and community leaders speak out against violence.
Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union official Noel Washington appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on October 31. He is charged with refusing to be forcefully interrogated by the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Two
On October 31, 50 people gathered outside the offices of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to protest against the powers of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Speakers at the action, organised by
More than 1000 protesters crammed into the entrance of Flinders Street Station on October 26 for the Community Rally for Sustainable Public Transport, and to oppose the Victorian state government’s planned East-West road tunnel and extensions. These would result in massive destruction of homes and shift more trucks and commuter traffic into the suburbs.


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