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Some parties in Malaysia’s ruling National Front (BN) government are trying to intimidate opposition parties and social activists, Socialist Party Malaysia (PSM) secretary general S.Arutchelvan told Green Left Weekly, a few days after the PSM’s sole federal MP, Dr D. Jeyakumar, had his car torched by thugs on October 17.
MELBOURNE — A pre-trial hearing began on October 20 in the case of three Tamil men accused of offences under the “anti-terror” laws.
Progressive academic, award-winning slam poet and Green Left cultural reviewer Bill Nevins was unceremoniously sacked from his job as an English academic at the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque in September – just as classes were about to begin for the new semester.
The global financial crisis isn’t just clipping the wings of grossly overpaid bank executives and speculators in shonky “financial instruments”. It’s going to hit ordinary working people hard.
CAIRNS — Around 20 people attended an evening of music and politics organised by Green Left Weekly and the Socialist Alliance at the Sapphire Bar on October 15. Local balladeer Chris Wighton set the mood with his songs and acoustic guitar.
Mister President — Examines the film and television phenomenon that has made "stars" of the men and women who work in the Oval Office. SBS, Friday, October 31, 7.30pm. Dateline — Reports on some of the key battleground US states, and whether
Aid worker Martin Reusch at a Sydney Stop the War public meeting on October 20. Reusch, who spent 2004-2005 in Afghanistan, gave a brief history of the history of foreign occupations in Afghanistan and argued that the occupying troops must leave.
WOLLONGONG — On October 23, 20 women marched in freezing rain through the streets of the CBD to demand an end to violence against women.
“For the social movements and the Bolivian people, the approval of the new constitution is key to reversing the centuries of discrimination”, Julio Salazar, executive secretary of the Six Federations of Coca Growers from the Tropics of Cochabamba, told Green Left Weekly.


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