The next move, presumably, will be to nationalise the country’s gambling debts.
The political rupture in South Africa is being presented in the outside world as the personal tragedy and humiliation of one man, Thabo Mbeki. It is reminiscent of the beatification of Nelson Mandela at the death of apartheid.
The Wall Street crisis seems light years away from the side streets of Manila’s urban poor slums.
The below October 1 article was written by Mumia Abu Jamal, a political prisoner currently on death row in a US prison. Mumia is a radical African American journalist and activist who has been wrongfully imprisoned since 1981 over the shooting of a police officer. He writes weekly columns from death row. For information on his case, and to get involved in the campaign for his freedom, visit .
“The right of self-determination is important because it’s part of the pure principle of democracy”, Jacob Rumbiak, foreign affairs co-ordinator of the West Papua National Authority (WPNA), explained to Green Left Weekly during the national conference of the Australia West Papua Association (AWPA) on September 13-14.
An overlooked order by the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) lead lawyer this summer dealt a serious blow to the rights of US workers to protest government policies.
“The idea that markets were always right was mad”, right-wing French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated, according to a September 29 Businessweek.com article. “The all-powerful market that always knows best is finished.”
In defence of civil liberties Colin Mitchell's article, "Terror trial: criminalising speech", and the column of the Socialist Alliance, "We won't be silenced by terror laws", (both GLW #769), on what has been happening pursuant to Australia's
Late on the evening of October 6, the ultra right-wing fascist mob that calls itself the Peoples Alliance for Democracy (PAD) laid siege to the Thai parliament.
Millions of tonnes of the potent greenhouse gas methane have apparently begun leaking from the seabed beneath wide areas of the Arctic Ocean, the British Independent reported on September 23.
Canada’s largest media group is suing Palestinian solidarity activists who created a parody version of the Vancouver Sun newspaper.
A popular uprising in Bolivia is defending its government and democratic institutions against US-inspired minority violence.
Professor Ross Garnaut delivered his final report on impacts of — and responses to — climate change to Australian federal and state governments on September 30.
On September 28, 65% of Ecuadorian voters approved the country’s 20th and newest constitution — strengthening the mandate of left-wing President Rafael Correa.
On October 8, Prensa Latin reported that the Second International Congress of Indigenous People of America (Abya Yala) had begun in the Venezuelan state of Zulia, focusing on imperalism. The multi-national event, to be run until October 12, will also debate topics related to the strengthening of Indian-American peoples sovereignty.
More than 26,000 members of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) working at Boeing commercial plants in the US began strike action on September 6. The strike, which was supported by 87% of IAM members, followed Boeing’s insistence that a new contract include significant contract concessions. Boeing offered only an 11% wage over three years increase to workers; Boeing’s lowest paid workers receive just US$10 an hour.


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