A dangerous precedent for an ambiguous anti-terrorism law has been set by the conviction of a majority of the 12 Melbourne Muslim men accused of constituting a terrorist cell. Almost all the charges were based on a law that turned on the definition of a “terrorist organisation”.
The “new racist regime” in Australia — also “called the Rudd government” — was condemned by Aboriginal activists at a Redfern rally held on September 27, before the release of a federal government review into the “intervention” into Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory and other parts of Australia.
Green Left Weekly is taking a break. The next issue will be dated October 15.
On September 24, Greens Senator Rachel Siewert tabled legislation that would establish a fund to compensate members and families of the Stolen Generations, but the Rudd Labor government is unlikely to support it.
The August-October speaking tour by Green Left Weekly journalist Kiraz Janicke has been inspiring students, workers and community activists around Australia with accounts of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution.
The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, has threatened that Catholic hospitals could be forced to close emergency and maternity wards if a proposed bill to decriminalise abortion is passed.
On September 19, Nepal’s finance minister and member of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Dr Baburam Bhattarai announced the first budget of the Republic of Nepal.
In even the most exploitative African sites of repression and capital accumulation, sometimes corporations take a hit, and victims sometimes unite on continental lines instead of being divided and conquered. Turns in the class struggle might have surprised Walter Rodney, the political economist whose 1972 classic How Europe Underdeveloped Africa provided detailed critiques of corporate looting.
Whether or not US Treasury secretary Henry Paulson’s rescue scheme works, one thing is already crystal clear: The capitalist system has failed spectacularly. The following editorial was published by the US Socialist Worker on September 25.
Engels: A Revolutionary Life By John Green Artery Publications, 2008 347 pages, £10 (pb) Available from http://www.arterypublications.co.uk/ Most people know that Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) was the lifelong friend and collaborator of Karl
Mahmoud Darwish, the iconic Palestinian poet passed away on 9 August in Houston, Texas, at the age of 67 following unsuccessful heart bypass surgery. "Identity Card", was published in his first collection of poetry, Leaves of Olives published in
Washington’s next war is already on the go. “Classified orders”, according to the September 11 New York Times, were passed by US President George Bush in July. And the target is not “axis of evil”-famed Iran. It is Washington’s close ally in the “war on terror”, Pakistan.
I was a participant in the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network brigade to Venezuela in December 2006. I was lucky enough to squeeze into the packed presidential palace compound when the official national elections results confirmed an overwhelming victory for socialist President Hugo Chavez.
The autumn Wears the dress Of thorns To hide the colours Of the helplessness Of the thorns The tears Of the sky The raindrops Wears the dress Of the colours Of the rainbows To hide the hurt Of the tears Of the sky The
On the fateful evening of September 18, when Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Bank Chair Ben Bernanke pulled together a closed-door meeting to discuss the rapidly unfolding crisis plaguing the financial system, congressional leaders feigned shock and horror at its severity.


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