While the violent intensity and geographical spread of the recent attacks on immigrants across South Africa certainly surprised most of us, we should not have been surprised that such attacks happened — or at the state’s response.
Building The Revolutionary Party: Jim Percy Selected Writings 1980-1987
Resistance Books, 2008
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Eight hundred unionists and supporters protested outside the Geelong Magistrates’ Court on September 12, as Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) official Noel Washington appeared, charged with refusing to cooperate with the Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC).
Try to laugh, please. The news is now officially parody and a game for all the family to play.
Ross Garnaut’s long-anticipated “Targets and Trajectories” report into Australia’s carbon emissions future signals a wholesale surrender to the corporations desperate to change as little as possible and preserve their profits at any cost. It is a refusal to take the steps necessary to avert the very real dangers that climate change poses to life on the planet.
Progressives and supporters of the Cuban and Latin American revolutions all over the world were shocked to hear of the death in a car accident of Celia Hart Santamaria and her brother, Abel Hart Santamaria, in Havana on September 7. It is believed that conditions resulting from Hurricane Gustav may have been a cause of the accident.
While “Blue Glue” may sound like a new party drug, it’s in fact much more sinister and less fun. According to the company of the same name, Blue Glue is a marvel of innovation, “helping clients create secure environments, manage information and deploy global solutions”, says the Defence Materiel Organisation’s website.
Below is an abridged report from http://cubanfive.org. The Cuban Five are five Cuban men in jail in the United States for their role in infiltrating far-right terrorist groups based in Miami, in order to attempt to prevent attacks against Cuban territory and people. For these anti-terrorist activities, the five are currently serving combined jail sentences of 75 years. On September 2, the Atlanta Court of Appeals rejected a request to reconsider their case.
“We knew we had to have the support of migrant women, of the union, and of the community or we couldn’t win”, Robynne Murphy, from the Jobs for Women campaign (JFWC), told a September 11 forum organised by Green Left Weekly and the Socialist Alliance.
Below is an abridged August 19 statement by Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem.


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