An anti-privatisation rally calling for the expansion of “renewables, not coal” was held outside NSW treasurer Michael Costa’s Newcastle office on July 14.
Pakistan is once again a focal point of an imperialist agenda and the so-called war against terrorism.
“We have escalated this dispute because the members are angry that no real progress has been made on our agreement after five months”, Peter Simpson, Queensland assistant secretary of the Electrical Trades Union, told Green Left Weekly on July 18.
“The world is facing twin disasters in the near future: the coming economic meltdown of the international capitalist system, and the looming climate change crisis”, Jim McIlroy told a Green Left Weekly forum on July 15.
Reprinted from Granma International, July 11. For more information on the case of the five Cuban anti-terrorists jailed in the US for their role in infiltrating Miami-based anti-Cuban terrorist groups, or to find out how to get involved in the campaign to free them, visit http://freethefive.org.
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The following statement was released by a number of European socialist groups affiliated to the Fourth International. For the list of organisations, visit http://internationalviewpoint.org.
On November 23, the government of President Hugo Chavez, and the revolution he is leading in Venezuela, will face a serious test. Regional elections will be held nationwide in Venezuela and the results will have a significant impact on the progress of the Bolivarian revolution.
Tasmania Greens leader Peg Putt announced her resignation on July 7 after 15 years in parliament, with Nick McKim replacing her as leader.
The British government has lost three court cases in its own judicial system over the right of the original inhabitants of the Mauritian islands of Chagos (which includes the strategic US military base on Diego Garcia), to return. The case is currently before the House of Lords Judicial Committee — the court of ultimate appeal.
More than one thousand people successfully blockaded the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle on July 13, bringing coal trains to a halt for most of the day. The mass blockade was part of the Camp for Climate Action, held in Newcastle between July 10-15.
The below statement was released by Tamil youth living in Australia.
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