10,000 B.C.
Directed by Roland Emmerich
With Omar Sharif, Camilla Belle & Steven Strait
“The May 1 news that Mt Isa, in central Queensland, is unable to cope with the influx of people fleeing the government’s intervention in the Northern Territory is yet another example of why this policy must end”, Greg Eatock told Green Left Weekly on May 1.
A subediting error in Green Left Weekly #748, "Boeing workers defy bosses, Work Choices", indicated that Boeing's sites other than in Melbourne were either not unionised, or are dominated by industrially weaker unions. The article should have read:
In a blow to repeated claims this year by US and NATO officials that their 50,000-strong occupation force has Afghanistan’s Taliban-led anti-occupation insurgency “on the run”, insurgents used assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades to attack a heavily guarded official ceremony near the presidential palace in the centre of Kabul on April 27.
Australia Post is proceeding apace with a restructure ahead of its privatisation. According to Joan Doyle, it intends to close some of its Melbourne delivery centres and wants to replace its full-time workers with casual part-timers.
A three-week dispute that stopped production at Port Melbourne-based Boeing subsidiary Hawker de Havilland (HdH), closing sections of the Triple Seven aeroplane assembly line in the US due to a lack of parts, ended on April 27. At a mass meeting outside the gates of the Boeing plant the 700 workers voted overwhelmingly to return to work.
“The Adelitas have arrived/To defend our oil/Whoever wants to give it to the foreigners/ Will get the shit kicked out of him!” yodelled the brigades of women pouring onto the esplanade of the Mexican senate. The demonstration was to protest a petroleum privatisation measure President Felipe Calderon insists is not a petroleum privatisation measure — and which he sent onto the Senate for fast-track ratification at the tag end of the session this April.
Things can’t get much worse for the NSW ALP. Even Labor insiders are describing Morris Iemma’s premiership as “terminal”. At the heart of the crisis are the scandals involving ALP-controlled local councils, and in particular the March 4 sacking of Wollongong City Council (WCC) after systemic corruption was uncovered by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).
About 2000 people attended the May Day rally in Sydney this year. The rally had been moved from the traditional first Sunday of May to Saturday, May 3, so that it could begin and end outside the state ALP conference in Darling Harbour.
A May 1 visit to Deakin University by PM Kevin Rudd was met with a small but very vocal demonstration by students campaigning for an end to Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.
In an interview with Melbourne’s Joy FM on April 24 ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope announced he intended to pass the ACT Civil Partnerships Bill through the Legislative Assembly before the October 18 territory election.
Victorian public school teachers are close to reaching a settlement with the state Labor government on a new pay and conditions agreement. Their previous enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) expired in August, and they have not had a pay rise since October 2006.