A new British government “kitemark” suggests that most carbon offset schemes are flawed, but fails to address the more fundamental problem of paying others to clean up after us.
A legal challenge by environmental group Blue Wedges to the federal government’s approval of the dredging of Port Phillip Bay was defeated in the Federal Court on March 28. Blue Wedges’ case was based on the slipshod manner in which environment minister Peter Garrett approved the project on February 6, a week after the giant dredging ship the Queen of the Netherlands arrived in Melbourne on January 29. The ship was commissioned by the Victorian government to dredge a new shipping channel in the bay.
At 11pm on April 7, 1998, Patrick Stevedores locked 2000 waterside workers out of their jobs. Following months of speculation, the “leasing” of Webb dock in Melbourne to the National Farmers Federation in late January and the abortive “Dubai affair” — where former soldiers were trained in secret in Dubai as strike-breaking scabs — Patrick opted for a frontal assault on the workers and their union.
According to a March 20 Prensa Latina report, Bolivia has honoured the second anniversary of the national literacy campaign that has so far taught 77% of its illiterate population to read and write, using the Cuban program \"Yes, I Can\". Since it
On April 1, 50 Wollongong residents rallied outside the NSW parliament in Macquarie Street, Sydney, to demand an end to corruption in the Labor-dominated Wollongong City Council (WCC). The rally, organised by the resident action group Wollongong Against Corruption (WAC), was addressed by, among others, Greens MP Sylvia Hale and NSW Liberal Party leader Barry O’Farrell.
According to an April 3 Reuters report, an independent environmental expert told a court in Ecuador that US oil giant Chevron should pay US$7 billion to $16 billion in compensation for environmental damage in the country. The lawsuit, which peasants
Ben Bernanke is the chairperson of the US Federal Reserve Bank. If he sneezes at the wrong time, the world’s sharemarkets take another dive and currency speculators rush for their global roulette table. So when he addressed the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on April 3 he was choosing his words very carefully. And there was one word he was wary about using: “recession”.
March 31 Reuters article reported that Ecuador has sued Colombia in international court over drug crop fumigation along its frontier. "Ecuador asks the court to declare Colombia's air fumigation a violation of Ecuador's sovereignty", foreign minister
On March 20, Victorian Supreme Court judge Bernard Bongiorno found that the conditions of incarceration and transportation of 12 Melbourne men charged with terrorism-related offences were so harsh that a fair trial could not be guaranteed.
US plans for a "Star Wars" missile base in Poland have been met with wide spread opposition and protests, including a mass protest taking place in Warsaw on March 15. Demonstrators marched to parliament and then the US embassy calling for the Polish
According to media reports, the federal ALP government intends to proceed with plans to extend uranium mining. The Uranium Industry Framework (UIF), which was set up by the previous government of John Howard and has never been disbanded, has been given a new lease of life. Resources minister Martin Ferguson was quoted in the April 2 Age newspaper as saying: “Some countries see nuclear as part of their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.
According to an April 2 AFP article, Amnesty International have reported that at least 40 protesters in Burma, including seven Buddhist monks, have been jailed after secret trials over last year's pro-democracy marches. Officially, more than 3000
As part of a global day of action in solidarity with Tibetan protesters, 65 actions took place across Australia on March 31.
European governments no longer have the right to legally enforce minimum wage standards in their contracts, according to a European Court of Justice ruling on April 3. The court was passing judgement on a case brought by a Polish construction company
We are taking a break from production to attend the Green Left Weekly Climate Change — Social Change conference (see ad on page 5). The next issue of GLW will be dated April 23.
Thousands of Palestinians across the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and Israel demonstrated on March 30, the 32nd anniversary of the killing by the Israeli security forces of six unarmed Palestinian demonstrators who held Israeli citizenship. They were participating in a protest against Israeli expropriations of Arab land.


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