The following is abridged from a January 18 article by Richard Samuelson, the co-director of Britain’s Free West Papua Campaign ().
Despite claims by Washington’s puppet government in Baghdad that “security” in Iraq has dramatically improved over the past six months, the latest figures compiled by the UN’s refugee agency show that many more Iraqis are continuing to flee their war-torn country to neighbouring Syria than are returning.
The Prodigal Son — Explores how two first-generation migrant parents have struggled to come to terms with their son's sexuality. SBS, Friday, February 22, 3pm. Footprints in the Sand — It is over forty years since "Yullala", as Geoffrey is
Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: An Extraordinary Diary of Courage from the Vietnam War
By Dand Thuy Tram
Rider, 2007
225 pages, $32.95 (pb)
In what country does protesting against water privatisation — or better put, protesting against the removal of your only source of water — lead to the police killings of a protesting child, arrests and bashings of protesters and a threatened 60 year jail sentence under the “anti-terrorism” legislation?
Politics, culture and sports take center stage in Cuba this February, beginning with a Chinese New Year celebration, a coast-to-coast cycling competition, international jazz festival, mammoth book fair and, yes, the election of the next Cuban president.
The pink slips are piling up, and jobs are getting a lot harder to find. That’s the unmistakable conclusion of the US government’s employment report for December.
The heArt of my reVersing: a redemption song through original poems and short stories in verse
Lili Tuwai
Vusa Wai Tui Publishing, 2007
$14.95, <http://www.lilituwai.com/>


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