On June 12, the trial of Queensland police officer Chris Hurley on charges of assault and manslaughter began. Hurley is alleged to have punched and then unlawfully killed Aboriginal man Mulrunji on November 19, 2004, on Palm Island, an Indigenous community located near Townsville.
The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia
By Benjamin Dangl
A K Press, 2007
The latest campaign to destablise the government of socialist President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, by groups who receive funds from the US government, appears to have largely failed. The attempts of a minority of students based on the old elite universities — who have held often violent protests in recent weeks — to present themselves as a “new” movement fighting for democracy have been exposed.
Green Left Weekly’s Vannessa Hearman spoke to Agus Jabo, chairperson of the National Liberation Party of Unity (Papernas), in Jakarta about the new party’s campaign plans and its defence against ongoing attacks from right-wing organisations.
An estimated 3 million Vietnamese are suffering from the horrendous health effects inflicted by the dioxin-laden herbicide Agent Orange, which was employed liberally by the US during the Vietnam War. In 2004, the victims, represented by the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA), initiated a legal action in the US against nearly 40 chemical companies that supplied the chemical.
“The Bush administration and top military commanders are looking beyond the promised September progress report on Iraq and are preparing Congress and the American public for a long-term presence of US troops in the occupied nation”, the June 8 New York Times reported, adding: “Officials have started downplaying the importance of the September assessment by Army General David Petraeus and US Ambassador Ryan Crocker as they work to lower public expectations about any quick progress in Iraq.”
Planet of Slums
By Mike Davis
Verso, 2006
228 pages, $35 (pb)
First prize at Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH) Fest Grants 2007 in the very short film category was won by Green Left Weekly reviewer and poet Bill Nevins for Goodtimes Hidden Treasure, his film based on a poem by Colorado poet Art Goodtimes.
Six Days In June — The shooting lasted only six tense days in June 1967, but the Six Day War in the Middle East has never really ended. SBS, Friday, June 22, 8.30pm. Australian Rules — Tells the story of an adolescent boy struggling with
Up to 2 million workers have hit back at the African National Congress (ANC) government’s sacking of striking health workers, its deployment of army strikebreakers and increasing police violence against strikers. On June 13 the more than 700,000 teachers, nurses, health workers and other government workers on strike for higher pay were joined by hundreds of thousands of other unionists and supporters in a nationwide solidarity strike. Hundreds of thousands of people marched across the country.


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