Since 1986, about 1 million civilians have fled their homes to escape the fighting in the Philippines. The plight of this destitute, homeless tribe — "internal refugees" — is still not fully recognised by the Aquino government. DAVID ROBIE
A seminar by Academics for Justice held at the University of NSW last month took a close look at the Hilton Hotel bombing of Tim Anderson and concluded that justice had not been done. TONI PAYNE reports. The guilty verdict against Tim Anderson is
Editorial: Caught in the act In the last week, people all around the world watched a home video of US police mercilessly beating and kicking a black man. The cops had stopped him for speeding, then, thinking they were unobserved, had passed
Manufacturing for war has always been a lucrative business. During the Vietnam War, many consumer-oriented companies turned towards military production because it offered a much higher profit rate. While it is the broader political, economic and
Military war resisters By Tom Jordan Resisters Inside The Armed forces (RITA), an organisation formed by anti-Gulf War members of the armed forces of several countries, is organising an international conference of "military war resisters and
By Andrew Nette Aung Naing Oo is one of thousands of students who fled Burma's cities in the wake of the crushing of the nation's democracy movement in 1988. In fear of military retaliation for their central role in the opposition, they moved into
Accessible language First of all congratulations on producing such a fantastic new paper. The point I wanted to make however was the need for Green Left to be conscious of always using the most accessible language, or explaining where possible
The slaughter of Bool Lagoon By Pamela Irving -1>ADELAIDE — At 6.45 a.m. on March 2, the sky over Bool Lagoon in South Australia's south-east echoed to the boom of guns and the cries of water birds taking flight as 550 camouflage-clad,
Black deaths commission slams cops By Leon Harrison PERTH — Kalgoorlie police have been slammed by the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody over their treatment of three Aboriginal prisoners who died in the Kalgoorlie lockup.
By Norm Dixon Japan's most serious nuclear power accident has given the anti-nuclear movement a powerful impetus. Japan barely escaped a nuclear accident of Chernobyl or Three Mile Island proportions on February 9, when a pipe broke inside the


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