Vannessa Hearman Major Alfredo Reinado and 56 other men escaped Dili's Becora Prison on August 30. On that day, a report by David O'Shea and John Martinkus on SBS's Dateline alleged links between President Xanana Gusmao and military defectors
Sue Bolton The Western Australian branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union is organising a solidarity protest in Perth on September 28, when 40 metalworkers first face the federal court to fight fines of up to $28,600 each. The AMWU is
Message Stick: The Gathering — Indigenous magazine series presented from the perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. ABC, Friday September 15, 6pm. Shorts On Screen Going To The Dogs — Afghan hounds are welcome in Australia, but
Rally numbers I read with interest the article in GLW #682 on the rally on August 29 in Perth in connection with the 107 Perth rail tunnel construction workers and claims of 4500 taking part in that rally. The claim is curious as I was at the rally
Doug Lorimer On August 28, UN secretary-general Kofi Annan told journalists that Israel had committed 70 violations of the UN-ordered truce that ended the assault on Lebanon, compared to four by Hezbollah. Israeli officials argue that their
Pat Denny On September 30, the Research Initiative on International Activism at the University of Technology, Sydney, will host the Fourth Latin American Solidarity Conference with the theme "The Empire's Weakest Link: Venezuela, Cuba and the


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