The US National Counterterrorism Centre has 325,000 names on its list of terrorists or people who aid them, according to the February 15 Washington Post. An unnamed official told the Post that "The vast majority are non-US persons and do not live in
Max Lane The application for asylum by 43 West Papuan political activists and their families, who arrived on Australia's Cape York peninsula in January after a five-day voyage on a rickety boat, brought the political and social situation in the
Kerry Smith, Sydney Public sector unions have condemned the NSW Labor government's announcement on February 23 that it will seek to save $2.5 billion over four years by cutting 5000 jobs from the NSW public service. In response to Premier Morris
Stuart Munckton "In another era, the alliance between an oil-rich joker in Venezuela, an ageing Cuban dictator and a jumper-wearing Bolivian peasant leader would hardly be worthy of superpower attention, but Latin America's shift to the Left is
BRISBANE — One hundred people participated in a Green Left Weekly twilight river cruise on February 19, with entertainment from Adrian and Andrew (pictured), Nelson Mansilla and Ovidio Orellana, and delicious Mediterranean food. The cruise
The February 19 British Sunday Times featured a new Green Audit report indicating that depleted uranium from the 2003 bombing of Iraq spread across Europe and reached Britain within nine days. Radiation detectors in Britain recorded a quadrupling of
Sue Bolton, Melbourne During the last half of 2005, almost 3400 union-negotiated workplace agreements were certified as unions rushed to get new three-year agreements before the federal government's Work Choices legislation is enacted. Many
SYDNEY — On February 15, Iranian members of different left-wing groups in Sydney travelled to Canberra to join with representatives of trade unions to protest outside the Iranian embassy. The action was one of a series held around the world, called
On February 22, a new law was passed in South Dakota outlawing abortion. Proposed amendments to the bill to allow abortions in the case or rape or incest, or where a pregnant woman's health is affected, were defeated. Abortion will only be legal in
Max Lane Warrantless arrests appear to be one of the first results of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyos's February 24 declaration of a state of emergency, professor Randy David from the University of the Philippines told Green Left Weekly from
Kerryn Williams On February 20, four members of the Left Socialist party (VS) were arrested and three others had arrest orders issued against them. The activists were accused of violating the section of Denmark's criminal code relating to support
Duncan Meerding, Hobart The Socialist Alliance will be contesting Tasmania's March 18 state election, standing two candidates in the south of the state, in Franklin and Denison. The socialists will be running on a platform of opposition to the