Dale Mills Spy agencies and police across Australia may soon be given powers, for the first time, to monitor the phone calls, email and text messages of people not suspected of any crime. The power to spy on terrorism and serious crime suspects
Susan Austin, Hobart The nationwide Human Rights Act Campaign, initiated by the New Matilda online magazine, was launched in Hobart on February 4 with a rally at the Parliament Lawns. Speakers included Margaret Reynolds, president of the United
Doug Lorimer Pentagon statistics on attacks by Iraqi resistance fighters that were declassified for a US Senate hearing have revealed that the vast majority — about three-quarters — were aimed against US and allied foreign occupation forces,
Natalie Zirngast In a victory for women's right to choose not only abortion, but also the method of a termination, the bill to remove responsibility for the abortion drug RU486 from the federal health minister and return it to the Therapeutic Goods
Green Left Weekly $250,000 Fighting Fund: Talking about serious money ... Peter Boyle "The Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, says the late businessman Kerry Packer deserves the tax-payer funded state memorial service being held at the Sydney
SYDNEY - Green Left Weekly hosted Joe Collins (pictured), secretary of the Australia West Papua Association, and Max Lane, chairperson of Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific, at a forum on West Papua on February 15. Both agreed that the
John Pilger Has British PM Tony Blair, the minuscule Caesar, finally crossed his Rubicon? Having subverted the laws of the civilised world and brought carnage to a defenceless people and bloodshed to his own, having lied and lied and used the death
SYDNEY — On the second anniversary of the murder of Redfern teenager TJ Hickey, 120 people joined a memorial and protest march on February 14, demanding that the reopening of the inquiry into TJ's death and an end to all Indigenous deaths in
On February 15, Mujahid al Simadi, a 20-year-old disabled Palestinian man, was shot dead by Israeli troops near the West Bank town of Jenin. According to a February 15 BBC report, "Local residents said Mujahid al Simadi had gone up to the troops with
Graham Matthews On February 13, Danna Vale, federal Liberal MP for the NSW seat of Hughes, weighed into the debate over RU486 warning that the number of abortions being carried out each year would eventually lead to Australia becoming predominately
V. Selvam, a leader of the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) and general council member of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress, visited Melbourne in early February at the invitation of the Socialist Party. Green Left Weekly's Chris Slee spoke to him
Gillian Davy, Melbourne A powerful video message from Herman Wainggai, spokesperson for 43 West Papuan asylum seekers incarcerated on Christmas Island, was a highlight of a Free West Papua Collective public forum attended by 120 people on February