Dale Mills Spy agencies and police across Australia may soon be given powers, for the first time, to monitor the phone calls, email and text messages of people not suspected of any crime. The power to spy on terrorism and serious crime suspects
Doug Lorimer Evidence presented on February 15 to the Cole royal commission into wheat export monopoly AWB Ltd's $290 million in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime indicate that the company's top executives were aware that $220 million in
Alex Holland, Caracas Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez responded angrily to British PM Tony Blair's critical comments on February 8, calling Blair, "shameless and subordinate to the commands of Washington". Chavez said Blair is an ally of "the
Bob Elliston, Hobart A five-year campaign to save part of historic Recherche Bay, in south-east Tasmania, has been won, with all parties involved having achieved a satisfactory resolution. The agreement was announced on February 8 by Labor Premier
SYDNEY — On the second anniversary of the murder of Redfern teenager TJ Hickey, 120 people joined a memorial and protest march on February 14, demanding that the reopening of the inquiry into TJ's death and an end to all Indigenous deaths in
Message Stick — Inside the lives of Indigenous Australians across the country. Stories presented from the perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in their own voices. ABC, Friday, February 24, 6pm. Cuba Mia: Portrait of an All-Woman
John Pilger Has British PM Tony Blair, the minuscule Caesar, finally crossed his Rubicon? Having subverted the laws of the civilised world and brought carnage to a defenceless people and bloodshed to his own, having lied and lied and used the death
On February 13, Venezuela's vice-president, Jose Vicente Rangel, said that his government would welcome leaders of the Islamic group Hamas, which recently won the Palestinian elections, if they visited Venezuela during an expected tour of the region.
Harrison Healy Mohammad Mansour, a Palestinian activist involved in the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), was due to face trial on February 16. The case has been postponed until March 21. If found guilty, Mansour could go to jail and
Acclaimed Cuban director Juan Carlos Cremata is in Australia to present his two films Viva Cuba and Nada Mas (Nothing More) as part of the Latin American film festivals in Sydney and Melbourne. He spoke to Green Left Weekly's Roberto Jorquera. Viva
Despite a steady barrage of corporate media reports and White House statements claiming that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program, less than one in 10 US residents favour taking immediate military action against Iran, according to a February
Farida Iqbal, Canberra On February 15, the University of Canberra Queer Collective (UCan Q) launched a campaign for a "queer space". The UC Students' Association, while supporting the queer space campaign, does not have adequate spare rooms to
Sue Bull, Ballarat In the first action of its kind, the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has launched a class action on behalf of 700 academics and general staff at the University of Ballarat claiming that their employment contracts are
Sixty-six per cent of Venezuelans intend to vote for Hugo Chavez in the December 3 presidential elections, according to a poll conducted by the US organisation North American Opinion Research Inc, released on February 16. Opposition candidate Julio
Alex Bainbridge, Sydney While rich celebrities and politicians gathered at the Opera House on February 17 for the state-organised glamourisation of the life of Australia's richest person, around 40 people protested outside. The protesters pointed
PERTH — On February 12, a protest against threats to sections of Kalamunda Hospital drew hundreds of residents to Stirk Park in Kalamunda. The WA Labor government has announced the closure of obstetrics and paediatrics at Kalamunda, although


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