Amy McDonnell, Canberra Anti-war activists are gearing up to "welcome" British PM Tony Blair to Australia. The ACT Network Opposing War (ACTNOW) is starting to organise a protest outside Parliament House in Canberra, to be held when the pro-war
Dave Riley Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer ran out of petrol and reluctantly died of kidney failure on Boxing Day. He was 68. When I look back at a life such as his I am reminded that we are all victims of the slings and arrows of outrageous
Kim Bullimore, Melbourne Thousands of Indigenous Australians and their supporters are expected to converge here on March 15, the first day of the Commonwealth Games. The protest, organised by the Black GST, will highlight the on-going racism and
Lisa Macdonald, Sydney Two years ago, Redfern teenager TJ Hickey was killed while being chased by police. A year later, a corrupt police brief (a large amount of evidence was not included) was presented to the NSW coroner, John Abernethy, for his
Dale Mills Police in NSW commit unlawful violent acts and cover up for each other, according to the recently published Operation Whistler report. Operation Whistler was an investigation by the NSW Police Integrity Commission focussed on the
Eva Cheng The sixth ministerial summit of the World Trade Organisation on December 13-18 was only saved from the brink of yet another collapse after strong-arm tactics and divide-and-rule manoeuvring by the imperialist countries defeated the
Sue Bolton, Melbourne The WorkChoices legislation was rammed through federal parliament just before Christmas and is due to be enacted on March 29. Many unionists believe that the union movement needs a national stoppage to signal to employers
Eva Cheng Since Beijing started to dismantle China's rural communes in 1979, a process that was completed in 1984, only one village is widely known to have taken the bold step to revert back to collective production. Nanjie Village in Henan
Over the past year, the major US auto-makers have suffered an ongoing profit squeeze. In the first nine months of 2005, General Motors and Ford lost several billion US dollars. These losses, which reflect the increasing competitive pressure within
Cutting Edge: The Last Abortion Clinic — Looks at how increasing US state abortion regulations and the decline in abortion providers will affect the pro-choice movement's influence in this enduring debate. SBS, Tuesday, January 24, 8.30pm. The


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