Stuart Munckton The furore continues to grow over the call to assassinate left-wing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made on US national television on August 22 by Pat Robertson, a right-wing Christian televangalist and well-known supporter of US
Dale T. McKinley, Johannesburg A great deal of excitement has been generated, among South Africa's general population and also in left-wing political and activist ranks, by the launch of what has been labelled by the mainstream media the "new
Dick Nichols What is ACTU secretary Greg Combet up to? On August 23 he addressed the Australian Industry Group (AIG), the umbrella organisation for the major manufacturing and construction bosses, and the main business organisation behind the
Sarah Stephen "In the euphoria of their release, most of these people have little inkling of what lies in store for them outside the razor wire", former human rights commissioner Marcus Einfeld told guests at a recent fundraising dinner. There
Noreen Navin, Sydney Across NSW, 40,000 public school students with a language background other than English (LBOTE) are being denied English as a second language (ESL) support because the NSW Labor government refuses to prioritise their needs. A
REVIEW BY LANCE SELFA Chavez RavineRy Cooder with various artistsNonesuch Records (a division of Warner Music) Virtually every baseball fan knows that Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium is located in an area called Chavez Ravine. But few know Chavez
Beholdthe ambassador of silenceaportfolio carrying grave responsibility in an age wherewordsspew like raw sewageintothecollective consciouswithsilencethe only insurancerealagainst the perverse influenceofpost truth double speakshut upplease Will
Jim McIlroy, Brisbane "Can you imagine being sued for trying to protect something irreplaceable?" That was theme of a public meeting of 150 people held in the Powerhouse on August 30. The meeting launched a national tour sponsored by the
Peter Boyle The next ACTU-called national day of action against the proposed new federal industrial relations laws is not until November 15. But trade unionists in Geelong, Victoria, are determined to keep up the pressure. They have set an example
'Keep going and you will get there' Chris Williams After seven weeks, Green Left Weekly's special emergency appeal is still on target, with $73,413 having been donated. The donations from subscribers and supporters are often accompanied by
Grant Morgan, Auckland On August 18, a draft Workers' Charter was finalised by a steering committee elected at a meeting of unionists and left-wing activists in Auckland on July 2. Over the next year there will be broad discussion of the draft
Tim Cobon & Susan Price Most workers understand the harsh future they face if the federal government's next round of draconian workplace "reforms" are implemented. Young workers will be among the most severely affected. Recent surveys reveal that