Kerry Smith SYDNEY — National Union of Workers members taking industrial action at the National Parts warehouse at Smithfield have been warned by police not to swear on the picket line or they will face police action. NUW NSW secretary Derrick
ALP sells students out on VSU James Crafti ABC News Online on August 24 reported that Labor leader Kim Beazley had "challenged" the federal government to accept a compromise plan on voluntary student unionism (VSU). Beazley's plan involves a
Graham Matthews, Sydney Pip Hinman, the Socialist Alliance candidate in the September 17 Marrickville by-election, has issued an open letter to NSW Premier Morris Iemma calling on his Labor government to refuse to cooperate with the federal
David Hicks was captured in Kandahar in the closing days of the war between the Taliban government of Afghanistan and the Northern Alliance insurgency supported by the US. The Taliban government, for which David Hicks was fighting, fell. At the
James Balowski, Jakarta On August 15, the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a first step in seeking a peaceful and lasting solution to the decades-long conflict in Aceh.
John Mage On August 8, Japan's upper house of parliament unexpectedly joined the French and Dutch electorates to give a sharp slap to neoliberal inevitability. Much to the totally delicious distress of all the usual suspects, from the London
Betrayed: The Story of Canadian Merchant Seamen Directed by Elaine Briere 55 minutes REVIEW BY CLINTON FERNANDES Betrayed is the latest documentary by renowned film-maker and photographer Elaine Briere. The film deals with the Canadian Seamen's
Headscarves worn by Muslim women should be banned in public schools, federal Liberal backbencher Bronwyn Bishop declared on August 28, because they are "a symbol of defiance" and "an iconic symbol of the clash of cultures". Bishop told the ABC on
Federico Fuentes, Caracas Having been picked up from the front of Agua Salud train station, myself and two other members of the first Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Brigade to visit Venezuela were driven to our meeting place where we had arranged
Bronwen Beechey, Auckland As the Tongan civil service strike entered its sixth week, New Zealand trade unionists, the expatriate Tongan community, social justice activists and church groups are organising support and solidarity. The strike
John Catalinotto, New York A group of right-wing members of the US Congress close to the Bush administration has pressured the Italian government into interfering with an October conference in Rome aimed at building solidarity with Iraqis fighting
Kim Bullimore While the world has been distracted by the Gaza "disengagement", Israel has continued to approve plans for, and to build and expand, illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In July, Israeli planners approved