A group of Iraqi women recently met the US ambassador to Iraq in an effort to push the framers of Iraq's new constitution not to limit women's rights. Many Western feminist groups and some Iraqi women activists fear Islamic law, which if enshrined as
Jim McIlroy, Brisbane The Queensland Labor government has suffered its first major electoral setback since its massive win in the February 2004 state election. In by-elections held on August 20, the ALP lost two "safe" seats in the Brisbane region,
Bill Mason, Brisbane Two Aboriginal communities say they are "bitterly disappointed" by the Federal Court's refusal to force the Queensland government to pay for lost wages. Justice John Dowsett ruled on August 19 that the state government didn't
Sue Bolton From October 1, building industry workers are likely to be separated from the main industrial relations legislation that covers other workers. Federal legislation to set up a new coercive Australian Building and Construction Commission
Jon Lamb, Darwin Northern Territory Chief Minister Clare Martin's election promise to take a harder stance on "anti-social behaviour" moved a step closer to being met with police minister Paul Henderson's announcement on August 22 that new
Paul Benedek, Caracas On August 6, members of the first Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Brigade visited the Barrio 23rd of January. From the time we entered barrio's public housing, located in an old military area that had been taken over by
Sue Bolton More trade union leaders have rallied to support the Green Left Weekly Emergency Appeal as it enters its sixth week with $70,173 raised and less than $30,000 to make our target. These follow earlier endorsements by Jim Reid,
Kamal Fadel On August 18, Richard Lugar, chairperson of the US Senate foreign relations committee, and acting as a special envoy of US President George Bush, oversaw the release by the Polisario Front of Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara of the last
Stuart Munckton On August 22, well-known US televangelist Pat Robertson made headlines around the world when he called for the assassination of left-wing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Speaking to an estimated 1 million viewers on his nationally
On September 4, 1970, the Australian government, acting on the advice of ASIO, denied an entry visa to Dick Gregory, a famous African-American comedian and social activist who was outspoken in his opposition to the US war in Vietnam. Gregory went on


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