Ema C, Hobart Working as a prostitute is not illegal in Tasmania, but it is illegal to "live off the earnings of a prostitute". The Tasmanian Sex Industry Regulation Bill, introduced into Tasmanian parliament on June 7, would have allowed for legal
Rohan Pearce The final declaration of the World Tribunal on Iraq, released on June 27 in Istanbul, strongly defended the right of Iraqis to resist the occupation, including by taking up arms against the occupying forces. "There is widespread
MELBOURNE — Sixty people gathered at Comrades Bar on July 1 to farewell participants in a soldiarity brigade to Venezuela. The even was jointly organised by Green Left Weekly, the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity
Stuart Munckton On June 1, 20,686 people graduated from Mission Ribas, which gives poor Venezuelans their first chance to pass high school. One of the most obvious aspects of Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution, led by President Hugo Chavez, the
Allen Myers, Phnom Penh Adrian Skerritt ("Write on", GLW #629) is upset that I reported that buildings in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)are freshly painted and that millions of ordinary people there have motorbikes. He similarly objects to my description
On June 29, Mehmet Tarhan, who has refused to serve his compulsory military service, was re-arrested on insubordination charges. Tarhan was asked to apply for a discharge on the grounds that he is an openly gay man, but refuses to endorse such
Alison Dellit In the largest protest in Scotland's history, more than 200,000 people, most wearing white, joined the July 2 Make Poverty History march through Edinburgh, ahead of the July 6-9 G8 summit. "Life doesn't have to be this way",

Norm Dixon The mass media hype about "a new deal between rich and poor", in response to the powerful Group of Eight industrialised countries' plan to cancel multilateral debts owed by 18 mainly African countries, has led many people to believe that

Alex Miller On June 27, Scottish Socialist Party activists, including parliamentarian Frances Curran, simultaneously occupied the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh and at a branch in central Glasgow. Both protests lasted 30
James Balowski, Jakarta "Based on everything we have obtained, the [National Intelligence] Agency [BIN] is believed to have played a major role in a well-planned conspiracy to murder Munir", Asmara Nababan, the deputy chairperson of the Fact


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