Waving red hammer-and-sickle flags and banners of Lebanon's Communist Party (LCP), thousands of people marched through Beirut on June 24 behind the hearse carrying the body of assassinated LCP leader George Hawi. Hawi led the LCP during Lebanon's

SYDNEY — A new analysis by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) of the impact of the federal government's changes to welfare, announced in the May budget, reveals that many people who find part-time work or undertake study after July

Pip Hinman
According to Marcus Clayton, an industrial lawyer and labour activist, the government's new workplace relations bills are designed to "provide the legal framework for bosses to slash wages and conditions, smash collective organisation,

Anyone who has participated in organising broad campaigns and protests will know that on many issues people split in two along very similar lines: on the one hand, people coming from the various social movements or young people

According to a June 29 Forsa poll, the new Left Party, formed by an alliance between the Party of Democratic Socialism and the Electoral Alternative for Jobs and Social Justice (WASG) could expect 11% of the vote in the September 18 parliamentary

SYDNEY — A forum on the politics of war was held at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on June 26, organised by the Newtown and Marrickville peace groups.
Donna Mulhearn, journalist, aid worker and "human shield" during the Iraq war, and state

Israelis have reacted with shock and outrage to images broadcast on television on June 29 of a bunch of right-wing extremists trying to stone an unconscious Palestinian teenager to death in the Gaza Strip. The incident started when young men from an

The ALP's continued rightward shift opens up spaces for left alternatives. Labor's refusal to act as a real alternative to the Coalition during the last federal election contributed to their electoral routing and deepened the disillusionment of a

James Balowski, Jakarta
After criticisms that intelligence agencies had failed to prevent a May 28 deadly bomb blast at a crowded market in central Sulawesi, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered regional governments to revive the Regional

The federal Coalition government is attacking single-parent families from several directions at once. Welfare "reforms" will force single mothers to find paid work, despite their child-raising responsibilities. The proposed changes to family law will


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