Airport transport workers have accepted a 6% wage rise following strike action last week by aircraft refuellers and tanker drivers. The strike was the third major action in 18 months over award restructuring in the industry. PERTH — The
Fahey bashes building union By Steve Painter SYDNEY — The minority Liberal government of NSW, under new Premier John Fahey, is preparing legal action for deregistration of the Building Workers Industrial Union (BWIU) in line with a
We have already run two conflicting reviews of Alien 3. ALAN GREEN takes a long at the film from a third standpoint: the alien's. I would like to write a few words in favour of the alien in Alien 3. The film's author, Vincent Ward, does not
Too many cops em = By John Tomlinson There are too many cops here in Canberra, coppers who lie and cheat. But the bourgeoisie of the ACT wants more of them on the beat. There are too many cops here in Canberra coppers who bash and who
By Cameron S. Boyd MELBOURNE — A recent art exhibition, War and Peace, staged in the Universal Theatre, represents a new direction for Budinski's Theatre of Exile, which has previously concentrated on the performing arts. Tania Bistrin,
In the British House of Lords on July 2, the following questions were addressed to the government by Lord Avebury. The government's reply has not yet been reported. Whether Kustanto Widiatmoko, platoon leader in the First Armour Squadron of the
By Katrina Newton and Loretta Asquini MELBOURNE — Ladysmith Black Mambazo performed to and dazzled a near capacity audience at the Melbourne Concert Hall on June 29. The South African a cappella group, which has sung with Paul Simon and
By Norm Dixon LONDON — Central London was brought to standstill for several hours on Saturday, June 27, as a crowd estimated at more than 100,000 joined the EuroPride '92 march for gay and lesbian rights. Gays and lesbians and their
The sentiments of the early colonialists' attempted genocide of Tasmanian Aborigines are repeated today in their modern form: denial of the identity and culture of Tasmanian Aborigines, and refusal to return even token areas of land to Aboriginal
By Greg Peters When the Wall fell, the rubble rolled towards Bonn. One of the hidden political costs of reunification was the problem of rubbish. Germans throw away 40 million tonnes of it every year. Bonn was used to paying to dispose of waste
Self-help movement In regard to Angela Matheson's reviews of Susan Faludi's book Backlash — The Undeclared War Against Women and Gloria Steinem's Revolution From Within (GLW #58), the conclusion of Faludi's book that we need an uncompromising
Melbourne's only citywide community radio station is having its annual Radiothon from July 6 to 19. "We need to raise $100,000 in the fortnight so that we can continue to bring our unique style of broadcasting to Melbourne", station manager Bruce
By Lenore Tardif MELBOURNE — Australian Liberals and the New Right have looked to New Zealand, and the economic policies of both National and Labour governments, as a possible model for what they would like to do here. But the New Zealand


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