Maurice Farrell& Sarah Stephen, Sydney Freed Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib and his family were given a long and moving standing ovation when they made a surprise appearance at a public forum organised by the Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group
The Socialist Alliance adds it voice to all those speaking out for peace, human rights and social justice to condemn the Howard government's decision this week to double the number of Australian military personnel in Iraq. The presence of even more
SYDNEY — Aunty Isabel Coe, Aunty Bowie Hickey and Democrats Senator Aden Ridgeway addressed a February 24 church service at the Redfern Block to commemorate the anniversary of the death of young Aboriginal man Thomas "TJ" Hickey. A "smoking
On February 15, Camilo Mejia was released from jail after serving a nine-month sentence for desertion, after he refused to go back to Iraq to fight. He wrote the following for the Code Pink website , where it was published on February 17. I was
MELBOURNE — Around 120 people dressed in red rallied outside parliament house in Melbourne on February 22 in opposition to the state Labor goverment's plans to dredge Port Phillip Bay and deepen the channel. In six weeks, 20,000 signatures were
Paddy Gibson, Sydney The "elections" in Iraq on January 30 were hailed by "coalition of the willing" chiefs and the corporate media as the beginning of a glorious chapter in the country's history. While images of US President George Bush and Iraqi
Kathy Newnam, Darwin At a Refugee Action Network-sponsored public discussion on February 24 of his book, A Certain Maritime Incident — the sinking of the SIEV X, Tony Kevin rebuked those who have sought to discredit his work. The book,
Villains of all Nations: Atlantic Pirates in the Golden AgeBy Marcus RedikerVerso, 2004240 pages, $54(hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Were they loveable rogues or bloodthirsty villains? The judge who sentenced Bartholomew Roberts ("Black Bart") and
Raul Bassi On March 1, a new government takes power in Uruguay. But what can the Uruguayan people hope for from it? Uruguay was badly hit by the economic crisis that spread through Latin America after 1999. In particular, the country was badly
Alex Bainbridge, Hobart Forest campaign initiatives in Tasmania are beginning to gather momentum again after a lull following the October re-election of the pro-logging federal Coalition government. The December announcement that woodchip company
Philadelphia resident Celeste Zappala carried a life-size poster of a photo of her 30-year-old son Sherwood Baker at the January 20 inauguration of US President George Bush. Baker had been killed in Iraq last April 26. "There are 1370 American
Roberto Jorquera, Caracas The national coordinators of Venezuela's largest union federation, the National Union of Workers (UNT), issued an open letter on February 22 appealing to the trade unions around the world that are represented in the