Sarah Stephen, Sydney It seems that Cornelia Rau's 10-month ordeal is not the only case of mistaken detention. On February 14, the Murdoch press reported that Mohamadou Sacko, a French tourist of Malian origin, had arrived in Sydney on August 31
Alison Dellit On February 18, Tahiti's semi-autonomous parliament passed a no confidence motion in President Gaston Flosse, toppling his government. The parliament is due to meet again on February 23 to elect a new president, likely to be fiery
Boris Kagarlitsky, Moscow Nineteen State Duma deputies have petitioned the prosecutor-general to ban Jews. The letter was published on January 27, right on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and coincided with President Vladimir Putin's
West Papua and Indonesia since Suharto — Independence, Autonomy or Chaos?By Professor Peter KingUniversity of NSW Press, 2004240 pages, $40 (pb) REVIEW BY PAUL BROWNRIGG The island of New Guinea, our northern neighbour, is a tremendously rich
Lara Pullin Since last year, Nicaraguan parliamentary politics has been dominated by threats of a constitutional crisis. While the National Assembly debates corruption, and US-defined "good governance", however, outside parliament people are more
While many are celebrating the Kyoto Protocol's entering into force on February 16, others are finding cause for grave concern. A group of social and environmental activists and communities from around the world concerned about the climate crisis,
Alex Miller Public sector unions nationwide are balloting their members over a proposed one-day strike on March 23. The strikes could involve up to 1.4 million public sector workers, and would be hugely embarrassing to the Labour government headed
Kathy Newnam, Darwin In her quest to expose the truth about the death of Douglas Scott in Berrimah Jail on July 5, 1985, Letty Scott has uncovered more evidence of prison guards' brutality against her husband. Letty was given access on February
Stuart Munckton As part of the Venezuelan government's new anti-tax evasion offensive known as "Plan Zero Evasion", Coca-Cola Femsa, the largest bottler of Coca-Cola in Latin America, was forced to shut down its plants, distribution centres and
NEWCASTLE — The Fairfax-owned Newcastle Herald is engaged in a large-scale shame campaign against graffiti in the city. One issue of the paper featured a picture of the South Newcastle beach skate park, which, like any other skate park, is


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