To Be and to Have (Etre et Avoir)Directed by Nicolas PhillibertShowing at Palace cinemas, Sydney and Cinema Nova, Melbourne REVIEW BY JOHN GAUCI All over France, you can still find "single-class schools" — schools that bring together all the
In Iraq the Americans are winning the hearts and minds again.A week ago they batonned a man senselesshe refused to remove a poster from his car:the poster was a picture of Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr.Were the Americans protecting free speech?Were
Stephen Garvey, Melbourne On April 21, the Victorian state Labor government announced new legislation to force an end to strikes considered detrimental to community interests. The Emergency Powers Act would establish an "independent" statutory
@intro2 = During April, Friends of the Earth (FOE) is running the Climate Justice Tour, in which leaders of Nigeria, Samoa and Tuvulu are visiting Australian cities to provide insight into the impact of Canberra's energy policies on our Pacific
3 Suicide attempts in Port Hedland Port Hedland immigration detention centre, in the far north of Western Australia, is the site of deep depression, despair and suicide attempts. All of its 54 prisoners have been there for more than three
1 Wilkie: 'Troops out of Iraq!' MELBOURNE — On April 22, 400 people crammed into the Victorian Trades Hall Council chambers to hear former intelligence officer Andrew Wilkie speak. The forum was organised by the Humanist Society and the
Robyn Marshall, Caracas Tens of thousands of Venezuelans joined with 200 foreign guests — authors, political activists, teachers and students from across the world — to commemorate the first anniversary of the April 13 mass insurrection that
Doug Lorimer Following Spain's announcement on April 19 that it would be pulling its contingent of 1300 troops out of Iraq over the following two weeks, the UN-authorised multinational force which the Spanish troops were part of has started to
Sarah Stephen On May 1, the European Union will expand from 15 countries to 25, incorporating Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. While there will be unprecedented freedom of
Jack Cohen-Joppa & Alison Dellit As he walked out the prison door on April 21, the thumping beat of a police helicopter overhead, the shouts from the press and the cheers and jeers of demonstrators just outside the massive gate may have prevented


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