The Committee to Defend Human Rights in El Salvador (CDHRES) is organising the "Feliciano Ama" work and solidarity brigade to travel to El Salvador in December. The brigade will participate in the construction of a city to be named "Guillermo
By Steve Painter Both sides in the bitter dispute at Associated Pulp and Paper's Burnie mill know this is a struggle over much more than the immediate issue of conditions in the mill, important as these are. Excited by huge blows dealt to the
Suzuki: Learn from indigenous peoples By Andrew Kitto ADELAIDE — Scientific thought is moving away from limited technical frameworks towards a more complete "web of life" approach, and therefore more towards the beliefs of the indigenous
Unsaid summit By Barry Brown The 1992 UNCED conference in Rio de Janeiro is seen by many observers as destined to fail. A great danger exists that a hollow agreement will be thrashed out among the nouveau green political leaders in response
Walsh Street By Tom Noble John Kerr Pty Ltd, 1991 Reviewed by Michael Heaney On October 12, 1988, two young Melbourne policemen, Damian Eyre and Steven Tynan, were murdered in the early hours of the morning after answering a call to
By Norm Dixon Chilling new evidence has come to light of the involvement of the highest political and military levels of the South African state in murders and disappearances of anti-apartheid activists. Documents leaked to the progressive
By Ben Pearson SYDNEY — A bill now before the federal parliament would place control of the Lucas Heights nuclear facility in the hands of the federal government, and possibly make the site a national dumping ground for radioactive waste.
Comment by Mike Rafferty One of the most debilitating tendencies of left politics in recent years has been the use of dismissive slogans to marginalise debate. This tendency has been particularly evident in debates (or the lack thereof) around
Thailand Yet another glimpse into the reality of the New World Order emerged on our television screens on May 18 as Thai troops mercilessly opened fire and killed at least 100 peaceful demonstrators demanding democracy. The Thai military
Don't Call Me Buckwheat Garland Jeffreys BMG records Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Norm Dixon Rarely does a day go by lately that this album doesn't end up blasting out from my stereo. Musically, lyrically and politically, it is


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