By Peter Boyle Rising smog levels, deteriorating water quality and predictions of future water shortages for most major cities in Australia add to a widespread sense of urban crisis. It seems as if our cities are set to continue expanding
Return blocked SAN SALVADOR, May 14 — The FMLN charged yesterday that the government is blocking the return home of 258 war-wounded who received medical attention in Cuba. The FMLN says the wounded had received treatment, physical
Good enough without the recipe Julia Has Two Lovers Directed by Bashar Shbib Starring Daphna Kastner, David Duchovny, David Charles Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti Financed on the scrounge and put together with a weeny $19,000 outlay, this
Earth Summit notes Earth Summit secretary general Maurice Strong told a May 11 meeting organised by the US Senate that he hopes there will be a variety of mechanisms to raise and administer the estimated $125 billion needed annually to fund
By Tracy Sorensen The conservative Northern Territory government has lashed out at the federal government, Aborigines and environmentalists over Aboriginal affairs minister Robert Tickner's intervention to halt a proposed flood mitigation dam
By Kevin Healy The "Truth Speaks Louder Than" award of the week must go to NSW Supremo Nick Grinner, who stood in the witness box Thursday and described his former minister Terry Methatsall as dishonourable, untrustworthy etc etc, and then said
Early release likely for Denning By John Tognolini SYDNEY — NSW prison authorities are presently considering an appeal for release by Raymond Denning, a former prison activist who turned informer against Tim Anderson in the police attempt
Macedonia in desperate straits By Leslie Warne WOLLONGONG — The best way to assist the newly independent state of Macedonia would be to help fund independent news bureaus in the region, Labor Party lobbyist and journalist Richard Farmer
Cuba presses UN on terrorism NEW YORK — The United Nations Security Council "is not and cannot be allowed to become, a secret society or private club", Cuban ambassador Ricardo Alarcon said on May 14. Alarcon was commenting on a UN
Well qualified "I don't know a thing about it." — Billionaire Ross Perot, latest entrant in the US presidential campaign, on the coming Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of? The European Community proposed by most European


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