Know who they're fighting for "My first reaction when I saw it was this was not a political statement in any way by the men and women of 101st. I think the 101st was being pretty creative and naming things after what reminds them of home. And I
BY EMMA CLANCY SYDNEY — The copious numbers of corporate journalists present at the April 2 student anti-war rally may have spent four to five hours dashing from one end of Town Hall to another in search of a violent spectacle, but, unlike
Preston anti-war protest BY KATYA GOODALL MELBOURNE — On April 5, 80 people gathered at the Preston Town Hall for an anti-war rally called by the Darebin Anti-War Group. After hearing from Alex Bhatal from the Greens, Reihana Mohideen from the


Ned Kelly
Directed by Gregor Jordan
Based on Robert Drewe's novel, Our Sunshine
With Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Rachel Griffiths and Naomi Watts
At major cinemas


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