COMMENT BY LYNNETTE LITTLE PORT AUGUSTA — Recently, teenagers at the Baxter detention centre started classes at Port Augusta's high school. I want to write a positive story, as there are so many tragic events in the world at the moment. I have
BY NORM DIXON One of the first US soldiers killed in the invasion of Iraq was marine Kendall Waters-Bey. In his working-class Baltimore neighbourhood, there is anger, pain and sorrow. His four sisters have been openly critical of US President
BY CHRISTINA SNOWDON & GRANT COLEMAN On April 2, students in Wollongong and Brisbane held protest actions in solidarity with anti-war students defending their right to protest in Sydney. One-hundred people gathered in Brisbane. Speakers discussed
BY ALISON DELLIT In last week’s Green Left Weekly, I reported on federal Labor leader Simon Crean’s public backflip on the ALP's original call for Australian troops not to participate in a non-UN approved war against Iraq. Many ALP MPs,
BY TAMARA PEARSON In Pakistan, student activists are beaten and intimidated by the Islamic fundamentalists; in Zimbabwe, police attend student meetings and political activity on most campuses and colleges is prohibited; and in India, blind
BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — "We are not anti-globalisation, we are pro-democracy, pro-human rights, pro-food sovereignty. We are not against international trade, it is the capitalist race to the bottom that we are against", declared Anuradha Mittal,
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Books Not Bombs protest The decision on April 2 by the students to call off the march and be satisfied with a rally in Sydney Town Hall Square was an example of excellent decision-making by the Books Not Bombs leadership. What I object to is the
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — On March 30, at least 100,000 people marched through this city's streets to protest against the invasion of Iraq by the United States and its British and Australian appendages. In the wake of the mass anti-war march, there
BY SARAH STEPHEN According to Victorian Greens refugee spokesperson Pamela Curr, the three remaining asylum seekers on Christmas Island were secretly removed at 3am on March 25. "A specially chartered plane came in from [Papua] New Guinea", she


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